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General Electric Vehicle Discussion

Ice Breakers

Introductions. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and come and say "hello" in here!
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General EV Discussion

If you're not sure where to post, post in here. All EV discussion welcome.
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EV Chargers and Charging Networks

General Charging Discussion

For all topics regarding chargers, charging, and the charging networks and operators.
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Charging Locations

For discussion of charging locations, where they are, where you think they should be, and if they exist where you'd like to go to.
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Official support forum for ChargeBump
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Vehicle Specific Forums


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Audi EV Forum

Forums relating to Aud's range of EVs and plugin vehicles
  • 6182

BMW EV Forum

For discussions relating to the BMW i range of electric vehicles and other BMW plugin vehicles
  • 31788

General Motors EV Forum

For discussing the Chevy Volt, Spark, Vauxhall Ampera and Bolt concept EV
  • 43323

Hyundai EV Forum

For discussing the Hyundai Ioniq
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  • 5633

Kia EV Forum

For discussing all things relating to Kia's electric vehicles
  • 19012

Mercedes EV Forum

For discussion of Mercedes' range of EV and plugin hybrid vehicles
  • 4616

Mitsubishi EV Forum

For all Mitsubishi EV and PHEV related discussions
  • 7166

Nissan EV Forum

For discussions relating to the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle
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Tesla Motors Forum

For discussing Tesla's range of Electric Vehicles, past present and future
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Volkswagen EV Forum

Forum for discussing Volkswagen EVs and PHEVs including the e-Up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE.
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

For discussion concerning FCVs / FCEVs and hydrogen vehicle infrastructure
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PSA Peugeot Citroën EV Forum

For discussing Peugeot and Citroën branded EVs and PHEVs
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Renault Z.E. Forum

For discussing the Renault ZOE and other Renault Z.E electric vehicles
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Other EV Makes and Models

For other makes and models not listed above. More specific forums may be created as popularity demands, so get posting or make a request.
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Member Classifieds

Electric Vehicle Classifieds

Buy, sell, swap and donate EVs and EV parts and accessories. A free service for Speak EV members.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

This area is for vendors to provide postings on their sales and discounts.
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Andersen Home Charge Points

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Chorley Group

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Drive Green

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OVO Energy

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Propel Research LTD.

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We Are EV

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Community Help Section

Site Feedback and Wishlists

If you have any questions or comments regarding Speak EV, please let us know here
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Off Topic Section

Off Topic and Banter

Open forum for discussing anything and everything (within reason), keep it clean please, children are watching.
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Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact

Area for discussion of power and power generation, alternative fuels and all that surrounds these issues including green/clean energy and environmental discussions
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Transportation isn't all cars and isn't all electric. For all automotive and transport based discussion that isn't EV.
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EV Events, Community, Clubs and Motorsport

Confirmed EV Events and Meetings

Use this forum to promote and discover confirmed EV community events and meetings. All events are the responsibility of the organisers and those taking part. Speak EV, its owners and operators accept no responsibility or liability for any events or their attendees. Please obey the law, and ensure you are fully insured at any and all EV events and meetings.
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Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion

For established, new and future clubs and organisations - formal or informal.
If you have an idea, an EV group you'd like to publicise or discuss, or an event planning to do then this is the forum.
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Formula E and Electric Motorsport

Forum for discussing all forms of electric motorsport, racing and challenges including the FIA Formula E series
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