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  1. A sad day

    Tesla Model S
    This is a new job Dave! Having said that, I work from home about 2 days a week so it's not as bad as you may think. I do feel guilty about putting so many miles on such a lovely car. I might consider buying a second hand cheap EV like a leaf for just the commute, but that's not got the range..
  2. A sad day

    Tesla Model S
    Blimey @kin I remember you getting that car just at the time when I placed my order. 2 years has just flown by. After 1.5 years of ownership and 28,000 miles, I can't think of any other car I'd rather be in. Any other EV couldn't cut it at the moment. I envy you - 6.4 miles commute against my 140!!
  3. Residuals for current Model S's

    Tesla Model S
    My car is almost the same as this one (but it's standard white with 19" wheels). Currently at 27,000 miles and 16 months old so newer. I paid around £60K for mine. I *think* I might get something in the region of £47K for it now on a good day. Bear in mind these were prices before the drop in...
  4. Autopilot for a 120 miles daily commute: is it realistic?

    Tesla Model S
    @bigvirgil I've been away from speakev for many months so I've only just ready your post. I wonder how you have got on. I could have been of some help here because I have a 140 mile commute each way to....guess where...Uxbridge! (Stockley Park actually where I suspect your job may be based)...
  5. Tesla Servicing Shocker

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I'm curious as to what your seat problem is @GaryB. Mine has developed a 'squeak' where the left side support rubs against the centre section. I took it to WD many months ago but they didn't fix it (all they said is they lubricated it!). They also didn't fix the rattling sunroof and mis-aligned...
  6. Tires, 19" vs 21"

    Tesla Model S
    Nice @Mrclox . Where did you get these done then...and if you don't mind me asking, how much did it set you back?
  7. Tires, 19" vs 21"

    Tesla Model S
    My car s a 70D with 19s on coils. Can't fault them and IMHO fits the car very well. However, she's in at WD at the moment having a few issues sorted so they kindly gave me a loaner. It's an 85 (non-D) with 21s and air suspension. For a start, because this is a loaner car, it hasn't been well...
  8. Vampire drain seems to level off a lot

    Tesla Model S
    @Royz I CANNOT believe you left your pride and joy with those numpties at Purple parking! You're a braver man than I that's for sure!
  9. Exeter Sainsbury's Supercharger Removed

    Tesla Model S
    Sorry mate - I missed that bit. Not heard anything on any forums as yet (or Facebook) but I'd be very surprised if they close it without a close alternative. It's a very busy route. Only used it once but there were more Teslas in and around that site than I've ever seen before.
  10. Exeter Sainsbury's Supercharger Removed

    Tesla Model S
    We are talking bout the closure of Sainsburys at Exeter - not Winchester. There are no plans to close this site (as far as I know!)
  11. Exeter Sainsbury's Supercharger Removed

    Tesla Model S
    Passing that way on Thursday, I noticed on the map in the car that Sainsburys Exeter has now been removed altogether. The Tesla website still has it listed. One of the guys on Facebook wrote to Sainsburys and asked them directly - turns out that there are indeed being permanently removed and...
  12. Tyres - Tesla "system" not fit for purpose.

    Tesla Model S
    The Model S is a VERY heavy car - 2.2 tonnes when empty - so whatever tyre you put on, it has to be capable of this load. My 70D has Michelin Pilotsport 3 245/45 R19 XL 102Y. The XL is the important bit - means eXtra Load. I am no expert on tyres at all, but I think it has additional steel bands...
  13. Model S 60/60D and 75/75D mileage & range for new orders/info

    Tesla Model S
    We are off to Padstow at the end of the month for a weeks break (I'm in a 70D). The plan is to top up at Exeter - prob Dart's Farm - and just use a 13 amp socket when we get there. Been in touch with the landlords and they are happy for me to dangle the lead out of the window. Not planning on...
  14. Tempted

    Tesla Model S
    You are all dull. So you work hard for the next 5+ years and finally pay off the mortgage. And then when you are on your way to collect your nice new shiny EV - WHAM - you get hit by a bus. So what was the point? My father died last November - he never got to see the Tesla - and it brought it...
  15. Emergency use of the parking brake

    Tesla Model S
    My personal thanks to @JonnyHelen and @Mark B for doing this experiment. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try it on my car.:whistle: Hey - I didn't know this @mgboyes - thanks for that.