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  1. i3 Rex unit in a leaf or e-nv200? Why not?

    General EV Discussion
    It is possible: https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1070677_2012-nissan-leaf-gets-unofficial-jet-powered-range-extender-quick-charger
  2. PTC Heater Fault Leaf Tekna 2014

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Acenta and Tekna models have the heat pump as well as the PTC. Visia only has PTC.
  3. Wallbox Quasar

    General Charging Discussion
    It's also £5,400....! You can get a 3.6kw bidirectional charge unit for £700: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SOFAR-ME3000-SP-Solar-PV-AC-Controller-for-Battery-storage-system-Not-included/264049693652?epid=14033921466&hash=item3d7a9693d4:g:FhoAAOSwCXFb8t1R The chademo plug cannot be worth £4,700
  4. Cold weather range

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I think I got 23 miles from 80% to Very Low Battery Charge yesterday, in my 2011 with 73k miles. It was cold, and wet. The wet is the worst part.
  5. Would you lend the Greens £100bn?

    Off Topic and Banter
    But if they're spending it on infrastructure upgrades and policy changes that positively impact health then much of the money is saved or realised via earnings/investments/future savings, right?
  6. Low SoH Leaf 30

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    My SOH is 65.8% and Hx is 57.7% I'm in the UK so not hot, and the car is 8 years old. I believe this is strongly influenced by how I've charged it most of it's life, not on a timer, plug it in every time we get home, to 100%. so it's probably spent a good 6 years of it's life sat at 100%. In...
  7. Vicious animated adverts.

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Read that 2 minutes ago. Added to Chrome with one click, and they are just.......... gone. This is amazing.
  8. Gen 1 V Gen 1.5

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Cool to hear you have the Muxsan extender, can you share any more about it?
  9. MG eZS battery pack construction video

    ZS EV
    Interesting. Looks better than the Leaf design, but the cold plate tech is surely not that great for thermal management?
  10. Rechargeable battery heaters

    General EV Discussion
    Worked for Mark Watney in The Martian!
  11. Gen 1 V Gen 1.5

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    The gen 1.5 has several improvements, not just the battery. the motor and drivetrain are more efficient, and if it has the heat pump the heater is massively more efficient in cool (but not freezing) temperatures. a 1.5 at 85% will be marginal for 70 miles in winter. Don't bother.
  12. Lost a bar on my battery !! At only 4 months and 6k miles

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Does the golf have the ability to set a pre heat on a timer?
  13. Rechargeable battery heaters

    General EV Discussion
    I assume you're recharging at work as well then?
  14. Climate Crisis. Should we be forced to do our bit?

    General EV Discussion
    I’m not familiar with the USSR situation but that does sound problematic. We’d face a similar thing today where some people in the developing could spend their carbon budget if they tried, so they would probably sell it for relatively little, and there’s defintely going to be some corruption...
  15. Climate Crisis. Should we be forced to do our bit?

    General EV Discussion
    I envision there’s two “prices” for everything, the money and the carbon, which would be an electronic crypto type currency with traceable public blockchain. Everyone in the world has an allowance to keep us under 1.5C, and your allowance can be traded.