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  1. What did you drive before you bought and EV?

    Ice Breakers
    Mini 1000 Austin Allegro (43000 trouble free miles but it only took 18 months from new to start rusting!!!) BMW 323i Volvo 340 Ford Escort Estate Fort Escort Ghia Hatchback Another Volvo 340 £160 banger Volvo 340 Auto (DAF rubber band CVT) Rover 216 Toyota Previa Rover 220SD with an airflow...
  2. The used EV Market & Is Anyone Buying a Used BMW i3

    General EV Discussion
    Why less Leafs? Three years ago just now NO Leafs were being delivered because of the Comms fault so the 3 year olds coming off PCP and hire are not there right now. Also Leaf prices seem to be rising.
  3. Farewell for now EVers

    General EV Discussion
    I am yet another who is going back to ICE from the time being as the current crop of e EVs are all beyond my means. The Leaf30 at 249pm was great but no such deal is currently available. I'll be back in an EV when I can.
  4. Leaf 30 Tekna shortage?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    There's another reason why 30s may be scarce. Most were sold with massive Nissan discounts. So when the owner gets to the end of their £250 PCP and is quoted £400 per month for the new Leaf, they start thinking about just keeping the 30. I don't think that many will come onto the second hand...
  5. Dead 12VDC battery on Leaf ?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Well it appears that the Nissan engineers HAVE used rocket science and made a charge controller that's (probably bought off Microsoft) too clever for it's own good. Clearly they have used the wrong kind of science...
  6. Dead 12VDC battery on Leaf ?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I don't think the 12v battery gets charged when the HV battery gets charged! My Evidence: The first time I had the flat 12v issue was trying to get home after having the car on a slow charge all day, and the 12v was flat. I was using it for a 70 miles each way commute and it spent all its time...
  7. Optimum motorway speed for Leaf 40

    Nissan Leaf40
    Thanks. Looked at that. Your calcs appear to be working on a steady state battery temperature and I would agree with your analysis. BUT since the battery is very slow to cool, I just went with power dissipation as my main measure, rather than bothering with battery cooling functions.
  8. Optimum motorway speed for Leaf 40

    Nissan Leaf40
    I travel just 22 miles each way to MK daily and the M1 does 55-60. I get no noticeable battery heating. Same for 84 miles to Woking M1/M25. Last year I was doing 70 miles each way to Cambridge and I was going 70mph. I noticed that in the 50 miles I could do 70mph it would add 1 bar to the...
  9. Student survey

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi Gemma I answered what I paid after Oleg for my charger as the cost question is ambiguous. If you want to know the value without grant I don't know and I didn't need to. Hope your course goes well. Understanding the market factors and EV nut motivations is much bigger than it initially...
  10. Nissan LEAF key fob battery life

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Bit more insight on this: 1. Yes - 2 years is about right. I once worked in the QA labs at the (now gone) Ever Ready watch battery factory AND they only keep 2 years at 30 degrees C even if you don't use them. Your pocket is nearly that warm. 2. It's not just the state of the keyfob battery! A...
  11. Lidl Stores EV Charging

    Charging Locations
    Just checked out the big new Lidl that opened today on Weedon Road, Northampton. There's NO charger and no evidence of any works to add one. :(
  12. M1 J14 Charging Hub

    Charging Locations
    Why are we going on about this being in MK? It's more important that it's next to M1 than that it's in MK. Face it - this is a junction charging hub like we have been demanding for yonks. And now we get one. :)
  13. Things I don't like about the new Leaf

    Nissan Leaf40
    I have a 2013 Gen1 WITH the solar panel, ans it does not make the slightest difference. The car does not manage its 12v battery well and it needs topping up on a 12v charger every couple of weeks...
  14. check your 12V battery voltage

    General EV Discussion
    I already got one. Leaf 30 tends to go to 14.4 for a short while after switch on but soon falls back to 12.9 for the rest of the trip. Switched off tends to be 12.3 (I would like to see 12.6) This shows that the 30 does not float it's battery at 13.8 while the car is running so as to maintain...
  15. Whats Your Highest GOM on your Leaf 30

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    137 without Eco