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  1. VW Germany update on 1st

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Thought everyone might be interested in this email just sent out by VW Germany (have run it through Google Translate) 1st will be 2 seconds faster 0-100kmh than standard apparently 1st Plus (the one we're getting in the UK) listed as <€46k before grants
  2. Durham Park and Ride

    General Charging Discussion
    There are a fair few Instavolt options in and around Durham city so you should be fine even without the P&R
  3. Any other Rapid networks with Contactless and Reliable chargers?

    General Charging Discussion
    I've used contactless on Engenie, worked without a hitch
  4. Home charger install in Warrington

    General Charging Discussion
    Going back 3.5 years now but I used Firehawk to install my Rolec charger and they were very good http://www.firehawk.ltd.uk/electric-vehicle-charging.htm
  5. What’s the Nissan EV app really like?

    Nissan Leaf40
    The official app doesn't work on Android 10. Like, it won't do anything other than a frozen black screen. It doesn't work for many on Android Pie either. When I looked the other day about 95% of the reviews from 2019 were people saying it wouldn't work at all. On those occasions when the...
  6. ID.3 Specifications

    Volkswagen ID.3
    I just came across this press release buried on the VW website: https://uploads.volkswagen-newsroom.com/system/production/uploaded_files/14961/file/4865c2f6bd0d4bfcfb7741a05b2d9264231d5b4a/The_ID_3_new_era_begins.pdf?1568049306 Nothing much we don't already know in there but I noticed the drag...
  7. Range vs mi/kwh

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Do you know if the car has had the firmware update to correct the BMS readings?
  8. Autocar: 800 miles in a week in an electric car: 12 things I learned

    General EV Discussion
    A surprisingly balanced article from Autocar I thought. Especially when it comes to Ecotricity and BMW drivers... https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/advice/800-miles-week-electric-car-12-things-i-learned
  9. Frankfurt Show. Saw, and sat in, the new ID3.....

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Can I just check one thing please - when you describe the build quality as a negative I assume you mean the quality of the materials as opposed to how well it's been screwed together? Did the interior feel robust if not always "premium"?
  10. ID.3 Specifications

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Firstly, thank you for posting all of this information from Frankfurt, it's been really beneficial. My thinking is very similar to yours. My Leaf is a great car and I'll only change it for something that I feel represents a big step up in functionality. I don't think the 1st Plus meets that so...
  11. Leaf e+ LE 62kw (posted here because there is no dedicated forum)

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    To be clear it's the same as the Kona with the smaller battery, not the bigger one
  12. ID 3 Reveal Next Week

    Volkswagen ID.3
    This is what it says at that link: On monotonous journeys, risky situations can arise. That's where the optional ‘Lane Assist’ system comes in: At speeds of 40 mph and over, it can detect whether the vehicle has unintentionally left its lane.¹ With corrective power steering, it can draw your...
  13. ID 3 Reveal Next Week

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Does seem strange that press reports say it has lane keeping but there's no mention of that on the VW UK website... I can't believe you can't at least specify it as an option. The VW UK website specifically says the HUD display isn't available on the 1st but doesn't say that about the...
  14. ID 3 Reveal Next Week

    Volkswagen ID.3
    I think it means "not on 1st in the UK"
  15. ID 3 Reveal Next Week

    Volkswagen ID.3
    If I'm reading the Volkswagen UK website correctly it only has adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning even on the top spec, no lane keeping assist - that can't be right surely?