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  1. Electronic engine sound generator

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Sorry! :oops: You don't need to be "old" to have presbycusis. I think something like 1 in 3 folk have it by retirement age, so plenty will have it much earlier. Dad cannot hear the fake engine noise, ever. Mum asks what's that weird noise the car is making when she's outside and thinks she...
  2. Electronic engine sound generator

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Or have young ears. I hate the fake engine sound when I'm inside the car, but neither of my parents can hear it. It's just while you're going at low speed, up to about 20mph I think.
  3. Digital Driver display

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Adaptive cruise is standard. Or at least it was. I would struggle to go back to a car without it now. The cornering light with the standard LED headlights is pretty decent. Not as good as the adaptive lights I had on my old Focus, but far better than my parents car with no cornering lights.
  4. Digital Driver display

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    I think the range indicator on the map is excellent. It seems to take terrain into account, as well as the general speed of the road, so I find it much more reliable than the GOM. In this photo the GOM will have been saying 130 odd miles, but as you can see it has realised that I won't be able...
  5. Digital Driver display

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    It is, I've got it. It was standard for the first year or so of the 35.8 kWh eGolf. At first I thought I'd miss a volume knob, but I use the steering wheel controls and it means mum is less likely to fiddle with the stereo when we're out together.
  6. Now this is a brilliant idea :)

    General EV Discussion
    Haven't been to Dinorwig, but I've been to the one at Cruachan. Interesting place. Wikipedia says the only other one in Scotland presently is Foyers. I thought Glendoe was pumped as well but apparently it's conventional hydro, is that the one you're referring to @TomH?
  7. 6% degradation at 6 months

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Children. Behave! There's clarifying semantics but that was getting to arguing for arguing sake. @PG03, I'm interested in what you find out re dealers SOH reports. Bought mine new, only been in once for a service but I forgot to ask about battery SOH. It wasn't on the standard report they gave...
  8. Digital Driver display

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    I absolutely love the digital dash on mine. But it is a relatively expensive option that plenty of people can't justify, so cars bought as generic, "let's try to appeal to the most people possible to sell this on" might not have it. My extras were paint, winter pack, digital dash and heat...
  9. Time to charge using 'Maximum charge' setting

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    What sort of utopia is this with 40 charging points?! My old work has one rapid and a destination charger. Which have been utterly dead for a good year with no prospect of a fix apparently. For an 850ish bed hospital with attached medical and nursing schools. New work has a couple of chargers...
  10. Time to charge using 'Maximum charge' setting

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    A couple of thoughts. The car charges significantly slower on a rapid when it's very cold. Does the same apply on a 7kW charger? I've never noticed because mine charges overnight in the garage. If there are other charging points at the same place were they in use, potentially with some form of...
  11. How many actually ever need to use the charge cable?

    General EV Discussion
    I don't often use it, but I have been glad of having my type 2 cable with me for using 7kW destination chargers. I also carry my granny lead (and a 25m extension lead with in line RCD, spare outdoor socket protector thingy, socket tester and a commando to 3 pin socket converter) all the time...
  12. EV Charging Tariff

    General Charging Discussion
    Is it just checking that they can get consistent half hourly readings or what are they monitoring?
  13. EV energy tariffs UK... best list and links on Zap-Map

    General EV Discussion
    Yeah. I am not loving that bit. At all. But when I ran the numbers with my actual consumption there wasn't that much in it between the Bulb smart tariff and this SSE one. Octopus Go was slightly cheaper, and will be much cheaper once I get a home battery in, but I've read too many horror...
  14. OLEV audit of my installation... is it still safe to use?!?!

    General EV Discussion
    There's half a dozen or so pheasants that pick through my garden every day. If one of them was electrocuted that could make a very tasty Sunday roast :unsure:
  15. EV energy tariffs UK... best list and links on Zap-Map

    General EV Discussion
    That's a helpful post. Also missing SSE Fix and Drive. Has 2000 kWh free overnight (500kWh per quarter) with standard tariff the rest of the time. Use matched by renewables. SMETS2, free install if required. No exit charge if switch before full year is up. Says it's dual fuel only, but were...