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  1. Unusable Rapid - cable too short

    General Charging Discussion
    Jaguar missed a trick there. They could have evoked their classic saloons which had fuel fillers each side!
  2. i3 Rex unit in a leaf or e-nv200? Why not?

    General EV Discussion
    It might be a whole lot easier to take a Prius or Ampera* and add batteries to get the EV range equivalent to a Leaf; wouldn't that be the same result? *for something van-sized, there's the Toyota Estima hybrid.
  3. Fake grill cover.

    ZS EV
    Tell her the grille can be removed but you aren't sure that will improve the car's looks any. Covering it up is not the answer either; she'd still know it was there.:)
  4. Still happy about nuclear power? Watch this

    Off Topic and Banter
    Those are not even aeroplanes. Don't you see the demon faces?
  5. Renault ditches battery lease on New Zoe following class-leading residuals

    Renault ZOE
    Renault says 'One of the main reasons that the battery lease option was initially introduced was to lower the initial purchase price of a Renault EV (...) The recent improvements to the residual value on the new Zoe in the UK mean that this financial gap has now been reduced' Is this...
  6. Tesla CYBRTRK - let’s do this!

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I just realised what else this thing reminds me of: the FSO Polonez. I really do wonder how it's supposed to fare in crash tests!
  7. Tesla CYBRTRK - let’s do this!

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    1. I guess the Middle East is the target audience. 2. This looks more like a Lamborghini SUV than the real one does! 3. Crash testing will be interesting, I feel. 4. Even Tesla should be able to get the panel gaps right on this thing.
  8. Stupidly basic question - how to pull away?

    Renault ZOE
    My goodness! Yes that's what it's for! Locking up the back wheels when the car is stationary, so as to keep it stationary. That is the only time it's used in regular driving. I don't think anyone is advocating doing otherwise! When the handbrake is engaged, the car is stationary. The car...
  9. Now this is a brilliant idea :)

    General EV Discussion
    I think you could start with a USB power bank... Can I fit one of your devices to my toilet?
  10. If you're in the market for an extension lead.......

    Tesla Model 3
    Spelling / grammar sticklers' paradise!
  11. Vehicle 2 Vehicle

    Tesla Model 3
    Send it how, over the internet? :) Because a Tesla has short range and a poor charging network, I guess!
  12. Teen invents invisibility cloak for A pillars

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    I'd opt for not making cars with obstructively wide A-pillars! What was your idea?
  13. Taycan and Model S

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    So then, the age old question, which is best: supercharger or turbo.
  14. Premium for an early sale?

    ZS EV
    They'll just give the 'Dacia sneer'