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  1. BMW 225xe driving modes

    Ice Breakers
    We have a 225xe on lease. I quite like it. However we live on top of a big hill in Sheffield. It is 1 mile drive up the hill to our house from any direction. This usually uses 4-6 miles of range. We don't use any electricity going down the hill but no matter how full or empty the battery is we...
  2. Model 3 maths?

    ZS EV
    Get the Tesla lease. If you really want a cuv then don't... But do be aware the model 3 is one of the safest cars in the world. The ZS is one of the least safe cars in the UK, with woeful child survival scores in its euro ncap crash test results.
  3. Aluminium air batteries

    General EV Discussion
    OK. So it sounds like this technology could be suitable for a range extender. So if you get a car with a 150 mile li ion range. You could also add to it 4*Al-Air batteries which would be relatively small and each one could have a range of anther 150-200 miles. This means that for long trips you...
  4. Aluminium air batteries

    General EV Discussion
    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7592485/Father-eight-invents-electric-car-battery-drivers-1-500-miles-without-charging-it.html Interesting story in that popped up on my Google feed. I would be very interested to see what the cost of swapping the empty £5,000 batteries is with a new...
  5. EVs ARE Being Held Back by Kia!!

    General EV Discussion
    I think the liklihood is that if we get a no deal Brexit and we are not bound by EU emissions legislation (which we may still be, if it is already passed into UK law) then we will see no Kia/Hyundai EVs next year. They desperately need to earn the emissions credits in the EU so that and the home...
  6. Canceling ID.3 reservation

    Volkswagen ID.3
    No it does not. £35k seems fine comparatively to what else is on offer. Albeit personally I would pay the extra for the model 3 if they were that close in price, even though I would much prefer a car the shape and size of the id3. £35k is way to much for what you are getting. £30,000 should be...
  7. Better Than Expected?

    ZS EV
    Wow thank you for posting the safety data. I often take it for granted that it will be a safe car... But the data suggests there is a high probability one of my 2 children would die in one of those accidents in this MG. I think I shall wait for a newer MG EV before I consider them again. I...
  8. EVs ARE Being Held Back by Kia!!

    General EV Discussion
    I agree with you. I think I read somewhere that originally Hyundai / Kia had planned to sell 60-80% less long range EVs (Kona/Niro). The success and the worldwide positive press took them by surprise. They ramped up as best they could but were limited by supply of batteries. Sure you can get as...
  9. EVs ARE Being Held Back by Kia!!

    General EV Discussion
    Yes. But this is no surprise. With the new EU emissions targets it makes sense to sell them next year. This is also a large contributing factor why there are quite a few new EVs coming next year and 2021.
  10. Lease prices for Drive Electric out

    ZS EV
    The Drive Electric deal is only 5000 miles. If you want to pay £1600-1700 upfront as per the drive electric deal, and only need 5000 miles then go with the one I posted above as the monthly payments are only £140. It will save you £850 over the 2 year contract,
  11. Lease prices for Drive Electric out

    ZS EV
    https://www.nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk/car-leasing/hyundai/ioniq/100kw-premium-38kwh-auto That is a new Ioniq for £237pm on a 23+1 for 8000 per year . Pretty good lease. I belive that there is a slightly cheaper one on hotukdeals too, although you don't get colour options etc. Personally I...
  12. Should I purchase a removable battery product or fixed battery product??

    General Charging Discussion
    Surely this may be dependent on how heavy the battery pack is. My guess is that they are rather heavy.
  13. 3 phase for a house renovation

    General Charging Discussion
    We are urban so no windmills I'm afraid. There will be a garage which will be a mini workshop but only really for wood work. Energy wise there will be a steam room that might consume a lot of electricity when it is turned on, aside from that it is just normal household appliances.
  14. 3 phase for a house renovation

    General Charging Discussion
    We are in an urban area, 1-2 miles from Sheffield city centre. PS what does DNO stand for?
  15. 3 phase for a house renovation

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi We are currently renovating a house for us to live in. It will be back to brick, new wiring, new water supply, new pipes etc. Also looking to get as much solar as possible. I think we have the chance of getting about 6kwh. We currently have a phev but will have an EV when we move in. Anyhow...