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  1. Model 3 price increase?

    Tesla Model 3
    I watched TB's videos on the subject, and I still can't get my head around the issue. For me the sticky point is that he claims that Tesla have changed their efficiency ratio, which has so far been fixed at around 150 Wh/km (i'm not certain of the units here). And the new one is 144Wh/km. So...
  2. Voter ID

    Off Topic and Banter
    You still misunderstand things... talking about criminal intentions and prevention of bombings... You seem to be looking at things from the wrong direction, and I'm sorry to say but crime is here to stay. You can't stop it. ID cards help identify the perpetrators though. And do it faster...
  3. Voter ID

    Off Topic and Banter
    I carry my UK driving license on me at all times. I'm assuming this is a habit from my country of origin, but it is also something that I find useful. I don't mind a national ID, but I would prefer if they can agree on the driving license being an acceptable ID. Anyway, I think the bigger...
  4. Return to an EV - Ioniq 38kwh

    General Hyundai EV Discussion
    I thought deliveries are supposed to start 2020? Not even sure about the month...
  5. Model 3 price increase?

    Tesla Model 3
    And what happens if it takes some time to disappear.....do Teslas spoil?
  6. VW id news and pics

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Banana boxes:
  7. e-208 UK pricing revealed

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    And you know that how? Source please?
  8. The effect of lower temperatures on range

    General EV Discussion
    If you really really want, winter efficiency was 47 to 49mpg. Summer was 52 to 54mpg. That is seat leon, 1.6tdi with a 6speed DSG. 150 miles one way generally using 70mph cruise. Average speed ~ 58mph plus or minus 2. Data collected across 3 years and ~30 journeys. And I never said heat...
  9. The effect of lower temperatures on range

    General EV Discussion
    @donald So you are trying to tell me that ICE cars move through different air density? The cars somehow warp the space-time continuum around them and are no longer subjected to the same drag due to colder air? How about running the heating? Pump, HVAC, etc... My experience on a regular...
  10. Help me choose a BEV

    General EV Discussion
    I can't recommend it, but maybe it is worth considering: ds crossback e-tense.
  11. Round solar panels.

    General EV Discussion
    @Ian I have seen those, and that would make more sense than "round". TBH, the OP statement read like a google translate....
  12. All-New CLIO and New ZOE VIP Evenings

    Renault ZOE
    I've booked on two sessions, will see which one and if actually make it.
  13. All-New CLIO and New ZOE VIP Evenings

    Renault ZOE
    Thanks that looks useful, I might try and attend.
  14. ID.3 Specifications

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Except that Tesla would also have to adjust their prices at some point because of Brexit too....
  15. Polar charging for eGolf (& Tesla)

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    I can help with the first bit. First off it should say in the Polar Instant app or ZapMap, what kind the charger is: only RFID or app/RFID. If it is the first, obviously you can only start the charge with a RFID (if you have it...). So, all the others are available and you can actually start...