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  1. Polar v CYC

    General Charging Discussion
    I could not get those cyc points to work there either. There is an asda next door tho,about half a mile which is on polar and works well for me
  2. What would be first 60 kwh EV under £30k on UK shores? And when?

    General EV Discussion
    In US Bolt deliveries already began, in Europe production of Ampera E is on the way with deliveries starting in summer. It appears that there is nothing to wait for in UK other then Model 3 and Leaf, both which might not arrive until late 2018/2019 . By then we might even get updated Ioniq which...
  3. Thoughts on insurance companies and EV's following collision

    General EV Discussion
    Yes,couple of people on different forums have already been looking for like for like during insurance claims. We had electrics on fleet since 2012 (i drove Peugeot Ion,and first gen Leaf then) now we have loads of Zoes (but ,well - with no type 2 charge points in our locations they are just...