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Speak EV is the leading all-marque plugin electric vehicle community, we want you to be part of it and help support our future growth as a Speak EV sponsor.

Introducting Speak EV

Launched in September 2013 Speak EV is the premier all-marque electric vehicle community, growing from zero to in excess of 15,000 visitors a month by March 2015.
It's an exciting time of growth for the world of plug-in vehicles, and we’re proud to be part of that.

Our diverse and engaged community reflects views and attitudes across the EV community, playing host to owners and enthusiasts of a wide range of vehicles from BMW to Volkswagen and all in-between. This is just one thing that makes Speak EV unique among its peers.

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Our Audience

Speak EV is unique in welcoming owners and enthusiasts of all makes and models of electric vehicle. Plug-in vehicles attract a broad demographic, ever more so as they make their way into the mainstream automotive world.

Speak EV attracts visitors from around the globe – however 95% of visitors in the past year are browsing in English or English US.
48% of visits are on a mobile device (phone or tablet) and Speak EV has had a strong emphasis on mobile users since it began.
Predominantly male and aged between 35 - 54 our visitors’ affinity categories of interest are broad, but lead by Technophiles, Green Living Enthusiasts, TV and Movie Lovers, Travel Buffs and not surprisingly, Auto Enthusiasts.

Demographics Overview

The Future (and a bit on the past)

Lower emission vehicles are the future and electrification of the fleet is going to happen. How fast, and by what means, nobody can say. What we can say is Speak EV is excited to be part of that future. We aim to grow with our community to add features and embrace what is to come – leading from the front.

Speak EV was founded by Paul Mullett, who previously developed one of the largest and most popular single-marque community websites for many years in MINI2.com. During this time MINI2 and Paul were featured online and in print for their contribution to the MINI community and as a leading example of how to make a community website work and work well, perhaps most notably in the book "Citizen Marketers, Where People are the Message". During this time Paul took the wheel of a MINI E at a media event and instantly caught the EV-bug which lead to today and Speak EV.

Speak EV broke new ground as an all-encompassing EV community when people said it couldn't be done. We now have contributors from around the globe driving all kinds of plug-in vehicles.

The organic and self-funding growth of Speak EV has been incredible and now we aim to take things further in continuing to promote real-world EV ownership by better supporting our growing online community.

We’d like you to come along on that ride, which is why we’re now offering sponsorship opportunities for businesses and charities which would appeal to the technophile, environmentally conscious EV drivers who frequent our site.

So plug in to the electric vehicle community at Speak EV, contact us today for prices and how to book.