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  1. Winter wheels for Soul 2018

    Kia Soul EV
    I lready bought the wheels. Came of KIA Clarens 2009. I was surpirsed but it fits perfectly. I got them for 80 pounds so can`t complain. My lcal garage put my Nokian winter tyres on and I`m looking forward to test it in the snow when going to Peak District, as soon as the first snow will hit the...
  2. E̶n̶t̶e̶r̶ Exit the Dyson

    Other EV Makes and Models
    So to all the xcitement above, how is Dyson doing now? I heard some bad new but maybe I`m wrong and they will come up with EV anyway? Why they would scrap a car which had o much money pumped into it already? I don`t get it? Suppose to be made in Singapore so is that county way more expensive...
  3. Kia Niro EV vs Model 3 test

    Kia Niro
    It's a booster seat. I couldn't get a proper seat in the Soul so I have added 1 with the same width as my daughter's car seat. She does use the booster though even if it's not legal yet as she is 126cm tall. I think booster is OK with 140cm and more. I could be wrong.
  4. Winter wheels for Soul 2018

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi Everyone. I wonder if some of you had luck with getting a spare set of wheels for his Soul. I know PCD is 5 x 114.3 however not sure what is the size of centre hub. Also ET seems to be around 42.5 for petrol/diesel so EV is the same? 16 inch 6.5 wide is what I want as it will be the same as...
  5. Polar live map blank and App too

    Charging Locations
    Hi All. I'm going to Stanstead tomorrow AM and wanted to charge on the way back however I can't see the live map on my mobile where it used to work perfect. Now it is just a blank page not loading any points. Anyone got a struggle with it recently or is it just my mobile after a hard reset I...
  6. Donald drives an e-Golf

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Paul, sorry for doubling but did you mean 20kW charging speed on the 4th session? How fast were you travelling? I tried Soul 30kWh to lake district and back (eBay collection, and a small stop for a nice walk when charging) First 2 stops 45-47kW speed up to 82-84%. Fan was blowing hot air a lot...
  7. Donald drives an e-Golf

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    If you don't mind, what exactly is a good deal from VW? I thought about changing our small car (Ford Ka +) for a hatchback EV and Golf fits this description perfectly. I wouldn't mind slow-ish charging (at least compare to Soul) especially given that the new Ioniq I been waiting for so long has...
  8. Good 5 Day Test Drive Review.

    ZS EV
    These are good points. I really enjoy preheat in my KIA and same was for Ampera with the remote start. MG can be a great deal but they still need to tweak their software a bit to make sure the user can take a full advantage of their product. They already added a lot of extras to their EV compare...
  9. MG ZS EV Deposit Paid

    ZS EV
    Everyone talks about KIA Niro prices going up but if they do get more batteries and start selling the EVs for real they will adjust their pricing. I'm not saying they will go down to MG level but if they would like to compete their EV prices will have to be reconsidered. TBH I have tried eNiro...
  10. Good 5 Day Test Drive Review.

    ZS EV
    They will but... MG needs volume. If they will manage to keep up with the orders than everyone including Koreans and VW will need to buckle up and prepare for a war (pricing war I mean). Not good for them but good for us!
  11. Tesla Model 3 Price Reduction again?

    Tesla Model 3
    Thanks Dan. I was actually thinking that autopilot has nothing to do with the 5 star rating but I wasn't sure and didn't want to build on that. I read Proddick and the penny dropped :D I am sitting in minority box and many model 3 buyers buy additional stuff so Tesla earns more. If the cheapest...
  12. MG ZS EV Deposit Paid

    ZS EV
    Improvement for environment can be beneficial to cars (eg.EVs :) However been in panel beating and painting induatry for a while it's not the case regarding the paint improvements. Must admit it's better for the sprayer as before the use of heavy oil (Polish sprayers call it Nitro) was not good...
  13. Tesla Model 3 Price Reduction again?

    Tesla Model 3
    Wow. Regarding 5 star rating I didn't know it was needed to get the rating. What a lot of bonkers! So simply you can't buy a safe car without autopilot. Must admit EU legislators are the biggest lot of dummies on our continent. Sorry guys. I drive KIA Soul and think the car has it all apart from...
  14. Tesla Model 3 Price Reduction again?

    Tesla Model 3
    So is Model 3 still impounded by the luxury car tax? I start to loose my plot. In Canada Tesla fiddled with pricing and got the most of the system there. Do we need to have a Luxury Tesla model 3 with tax or can we have it in the cheapest option and avoid the tax? And why am I forced to use the...
  15. For Sale Hyundai Ioniq 2018 Premium SE BEV

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I'm not sure how much you paid but many here on speak EV put a deposit on MG ZS EV. It's bigger, faster, has nearly 80% more battery and 50% range and it's new. Still costs £3000 less than your asking price. In fact your asking price is higher than the price of the car when new without the VAT...
  16. Expected first "As New" second hand prices

    ZS EV
    I would assume Kona/Niro dealer wheeler wagon is out of business now. I don't think anybody with brains will overpay a 1 previous owner Kia by 5000 pounds. This dealer idiots will be quickly brought down to earth by the likes of MG ZS and other brands coming soon. Regarding your question Jeffrey...
  17. Polar network update

    General Charging Discussion
    That sounds fantastic as finally it looks logical and trasparent rather than what it was before. So BP is not all that bad and greedy as I was thinking ha ha. What about this 150kw chargers. Do we really need to prepare to pay 2 times the previous price of kwh if our favourite charger happened...
  18. Polar network update

    General Charging Discussion
    Exactly. I couldn`t understand £6 flat 30min.charge. Every driver/car is different. Charging 1 for all never meant to be fair or logical. Dave, Doug probably means retrofitting existing charges, the one we all already use. So, like me, I will come to the same charger at the same place for the...
  19. Polar network update

    General Charging Discussion
    Good that I haven`t started another thread David :-) (I was just writing it and noticed that you posted this one so I cancelled mine). Back to the topic. I think Technoed is right. From 5th of August this changes will take effect and Polar Instant users (short sessions) will benefit the most. I...
  20. SR+

    Tesla Model 3
    If you don't mind guys, where did you get this lovely insurance quotes? I'm 38, no points, 9+ NCD and will do 6-8k per annum in M3. I pay £480 a year for KIA Soul 30kwh 2018. No additional driver.
1-20 of 102 Results