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  1. Hotel with charge point in Warminster

    Charging Locations
    JimboJones thanks for that unfortunately I don't have DC on my BMW i3 but as it is a Rex I can't get by
  2. Hotel with charge point in Warminster

    Charging Locations
    Does anyone know of a hotel in or near to Warminster with a charge point as i need to stay over night next week? I can find a charge point in a car park on Polar but not exactly at a hotel Any assistance would be appreciated
  3. Rolec charger tripping

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Ian83 No problem what so ever, let me know how you get on, not being an actual electrician myself but speaking to a lot of installers and by personal experience it could be a problem at various places, installation, charge point or even the vehicle itself dependant on the settings etc, i did...
  4. Rolec charger tripping

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I appreciate that there may occasionally be problems but would be surprised if repeated issues with RCD's were the fault, i take it your installer has fully checked the whole installation rather than just the charge point itself as they will need to eliminate any potential issues there Can you...
  5. UK and Germany break solar power records

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    I am seeing more and more domestic installations happening where I live, on East and West facing roofs (as mine is) as well as South as still worthwhile. I appreciate there are upfront costs but so worthwhile in the long run, just make sure that you purchase quality products from a quality...
  6. British Gas install, how long?

    General Charging Discussion
    Geoff Let me know if you are still waiting and if so want to look at an alternative, I can speak to our local installer for you and see if we can resolve this quicker for you Kind regards Martyn
  7. Getting a home charger unit installed.

    General Charging Discussion
    Pol It sounds as if they are saying the charge point itself can be installed and covered by the grant funding but potentially not the additional work needed to be able to connect the unit to your mains supply (dedicated circuit). There is standard rules as to what is covered by the fund with...
1-7 of 7 Results