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  1. Small is beautiful? In defense of Volkswagen

    General EV Discussion
    I looked at the e-Up but only having 4 seats was the deal breaker for me - went with Leaf instead.
  2. Back to the future: electric vehicles and oil demand - BP publication

    General EV Discussion
    Chris Goodall dissected the numbers given by BP in his Carbon Commentary Blog (www.carboncommentary.com) back in December - well worth a read. According to Chris, BP make some strange predictions on the growth rates of electric cars - 6.2m per year between 2025 and 2030 but then falling to 2.8m...
  3. New Nissan Leaf owner - a brave new world

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi Andrew - Welcome to the world of EVs. There are a couple of Ecotricity rapid chargers at Wetherby services which is only a sight detour from the A64. The Leeds based IKEA chargers can sometimes be blocked with ICE cars due to their proximity to the entrance so be careful. regards Dave
  4. Anyone put meters in their DIY EVSE?

    General Charging Discussion
    Thanks for that. I have an 8-way box with 3 units spare so with some arrangement I should be able to get the meter in.
  5. Anyone put meters in their DIY EVSE?

    General Charging Discussion
    How big is the meter in terms of mm across? I have already built an EVSE but I like the idea of adding a meter to see exactly what the EVSE is supplying so I can match to the output from my solar panels.
  6. For Sale Wattson Everywhere sender

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi Jason, Can you send me details of how I can get one from you please. regards, Dave
  7. My Electric June

    General EV Discussion
    The other aspect to consider is the educational one. My kids love the Leaf and think it is a really cool car because it looks like the future to them. They tell their friends and all the stories are positive. They prefer to go out and about in the Leaf with the longer trips for them feel like an...
  8. EV movies, shows and documentaries

    General EV Discussion
    The Kick Gas Movie is a feature length http://kickgas.vhx.tv/
  9. My Electric June

    General EV Discussion
    We have had a Leaf for just over a month now so I can appreciate the anxiety you must be feeling. Our other car is a Citroen Grand Picasso with a diesel engine which has spent most of May sitting on the driveway as my wife takes the Leaf to and from work. At weekends and evenings we use the Leaf...
  10. Row of Charging Stations (Blink) Near Olympia, Washington Capitol Building

    Charging Locations
    Just hope a certain political party don't get in next year and decide that the 13A UK plug is the only way to go :p
1-10 of 10 Results