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  1. Ampera/Volt Map

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    hi people I've started a Google map, in which the owner or purchaser of the Opel Ampera-forum (by other states are represented) are registered. would you be interested so what? If so, should one take out of your forum, the task "managers" that manage and update map of england. who should be...
  2. Hi i`m Markus from Austria

    Ice Breakers
    hi brian thanks for the greeting. We have the Ampera two equipment variants cosmo and pioneer edition (the Volt have one "Volt") How many are in private Amperas use is uncertain, but look clean even there http://www.opel-ampera-forum.de/viewtop ... f=32&t=473. extraditable really began...
  3. Hi i`m Markus from Austria

    Ice Breakers
    hi people I'm Markus from Austria. I have my Ampera since march 2012 and am of the technology and the more ride comfort than enthusiastic I am also member of the "Opel Ampera--forum.de" http://www.opel-ampera-forum.de/index.php I had often here, but until recently has not done much in your...
1-3 of 3 Results