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  1. Daily Mail writer (and her Leaf) let down by Ecotricity

    General EV Discussion
    Something about this story smells fishy. She was I assume driving from Barrow in Furness as thats where she lives with her partner MP John Woodcock. It's around 97 miles to Gretna from there. Surly she would have enough range to reach another charger from there, a quick look on Zap map show...
  2. Radio 5 live phone in on EV andf hybrids on NOW!

    General EV Discussion
    As above! 06/11/17 9am Bracing for usual poor discussion!
  3. First time EV owner planning long journey

    General EV Discussion
    On the motorway get used to tailgating lorrys (not too close) yes slower speed but will make a massive difference to your range! I can take my Zoe from around 3.6m per KWh to 5.5-6 m per KWh!
  4. Is it just me ? Re: Yaris Hybrid advert !

    General EV Discussion
    No, not just you!
  5. The M6 in a ZOE

    Renault ZOE
    You just need the app on your phone no card needed anymore.
  6. Electric car playlist

    Off Topic and Banter
    You Guys have all missed the most epic electric car song by They Might be Giants called "Electric Car" It should be the forum theme tune really! Often played in Zoe with the kids singing along!
  7. ChargePoint GENIE - Introduction

    General Charging Discussion
    Please add the great charging desert of North Devon too!!
  8. Prices out (kinda) for 41kwh upgrades

    Renault ZOE
    Sandy, that would be the most sensible approach!
  9. Prices out (kinda) for 41kwh upgrades

    Renault ZOE
    Keep your pack and use it as a home storage solution with a solar array! 22KWh should run a house for a fair while!
  10. New VW MPV(and platform)

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    The VW id-Buzz is a far better looking option!
  11. Too good to be true? 1st year regular service

    Renault ZOE
    Our first service last year was only £58 and with a good wash too! :)
  12. Prices out (kinda) for 41kwh upgrades

    Renault ZOE
    £3k for 1/2 a days work? Seems a little steep as you are switching from a rented product to another rented product?
  13. Last of the 22kWh Zoe Offers - £99 Deposit / £99 a Month

    Renault ZOE
    what about 15000 miles a year options
  14. ChargePoint GENIE - Introduction

    General Charging Discussion
    With the 22kW chargers I have found them to be almost as quick as the Rapid chargers in my Renault Zoe. In Cornwall there is a lack of charging around Launceston, there are also locations that do not have 24/7 access which has caused me problems like Wadebridge. Nothing down Helston / the...
  15. ChargePoint GENIE - Introduction

    General Charging Discussion
    One point that struck me while charging the other day. In Cornwall there are fr more Rapid (£1.80 connection) that 22KW (0.60p connection). I do not always need the fastest rapid charge but as most chargers are this type have to use them rather than a 22KW connection. Is it possible for the...
  16. Bringing the classic car to the future.

    General EV Discussion
    A clonk you say, havuing driven aircooled VW's alot that sounds pretty standard, I would check the big ends usually number 3 cylinder, also grab hold of the crank pully and give it a good push and pull your end float may have gone! Anyway a conversion of a VW to electric power should be one of...
  17. Electric 911!!

    General EV Discussion
    Now that rally 914 would also make an epic conversion to electric, I really like the 914 the "unloved " Porsche :)
  18. New VW EV is here!

    General EV Discussion
    And here it is fresh from Paris I like!! :)
  19. ChargePoint GENIE - Introduction

    General Charging Discussion
    With Regard to the Cornwall network people please be aware that certain charging units are having access restricted. Wadebridge at eh Higher trenant offices are now office hours only Mon - Fridays unless you off road round the barrier and the 22kw at Cornwall college Newquay are behind a locked...
  20. Charging points in Cornwall

    Charging Locations
    And congratulations to Cormac Solutions Ltd at Wadebridge for unprecedented ICE'ing of the 22kw charging points at the old council offices.
1-20 of 45 Results