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  1. C350e MPG

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    9,038 miles in and it's reporting 94.1mpg with 6,739mi engine off My daily commute is 13 miles each way through south London with benefit of charging at the office. On days out, would always try and get a destination charge with about 80% success rate. There's been about a dozen 100+ miles...
  2. OVO Energy EV Everywhere Tariff

    General Charging Discussion
    For what it's worth... uSwitch comparison for my usage/home has OVO 2 Year Fixed Energy as third best deal, £51 a year more than the top 2. Since Polar network costs £94 a year, and I do use it, I'm still saving. As far as I can make out, the EV Everywhere package is the same as the 2 Year...
1-2 of 2 Results