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  1. Does a 225XE need any options to enable preconditioning (e.g. warming up on a frosty day)?

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Can anyone say what options are needed, if any, for a 225xe to be able to precondition? * remotely using an app vs from settings in the car * pre-cooling on a hot day * pre-warming on a cold day Thanks very much
  2. 225 XE electric range test

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I bought the car 1 week ago and yesterday I tried to beat the declared electric range ( 45 km ) and got 48 km, quite close... :-) here a video : 225xe
  3. Summer commuting economy

    General BMW EV Discussion
    For various reasons I’ve had a summer where the vast majority of my driving has been my regular commute and I’ve maximised my use of free public charging with almost no charging at home. As a recap my commute is around 6.5 miles uphill with fast stretches and lots of roundabouts on the way in...
  4. Two weeks with 225xe

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I found very little review/real world comments before I bought the car so having just completed about 400 miles I thought I'd gather some observations. . In sport mode it's fast, like throw-you-back-in-the-seat fast . The performance in Max edrive is good, there's no reason to engage the engine...
  5. BMW 225xe charging

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I'm due to take delivery of a BMW 225xe as a company car in around 5 weeks. (UK) We were going to install a standard 13A 3 pin socket at my workplace for me to charge during the day. What are the other options for charging that don't cost too much? Can you install/plug into a standard 16A or...