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  1. Sold 2013 Black Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens

    Drive Green
    Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens Mileage: 22,750 Price: £6,495 This 2013 Renault Zoe is now on the Drive Green forecourt. This car has been well looked after, is in great condition and looks fantastic in it’s black finish. This model has a 24kWh battery. This particular car comes with the...
  2. For Sale Tree of Leaf's

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
  3. new to this ...

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, Weve just taken delivery of a 1 year old Nissan Leaf 24kw. Very excited about the future. Any to tips or pointers would be welcome. Thanks duncan
  4. 24kw with 6Kw Charger - Charge Times

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    A family member is thinking about getting a 24kw Leaf with 6kw charger. Anyone tell what the approximate charge times are from say 20% to 100%