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  1. Type 2 Tethered Cable 32amp / 7.2kW - 5 metre Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I have only used this cable once to charge my car and had to replace it for a 10m cable as it was annoying manoeuvring cars in the driveway. In prime condition, fully working and all black materials (casing and wire). The 5m cable was from my Rolec 32amp / 7.2kW wall pod. Feel free to ask any...
  2. Sold 3phase 32A 5m Type 2 charging cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    ***This item has now been sold*** Good quality, professionally built in UK. Good condition, one owner, successfully used regularly for 2 years. Only selling as we’ve said goodbye to our EV. Type 2 to type 2. Cable spec. is “5G6.0mm2+2x0.5mm 450/750V” Suitable for newer (e.g. 94Ah) BMW i3 and...
  3. 32A home charger

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Yesterday I had a 32A (7kW) charger installed. I mainly signed up for it to future proof myself whilst government grants and installer discounts apply. I know it will only reduce the charge time of my car from about 3 hours to 2. I have just plugged my 330e in but it's difficult to tell if it...
  4. Rolec fitted

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Finally , off the EVSE Charge cord ! with a 32amp 7.2 Kwh Rolec type 2 socket . decided the 32amp socket was more future proof than a 16amp tethered . although it was pricer for the 5 mtr cord. will also come in handy when I meet a friend with a tesla who need a boost...;) the ' Gov spy box '...
  5. Charger install & Leaf on order

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, just saying Hello and need a quick bit of advice. My Tekna Leaf will arrive in the next couple of weeks. Having fun trying to get a 32Amp point installed at home (OLEV) and same at my work place. Is it possible to purchase Rolec points directly and ask a professional electrician to install...