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330e charging
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  1. General BMW EV Discussion
    can I use BMW i3 chargers also on/with BMW 330e ?
  2. General BMW EV Discussion
    I have recently purchased a BMW 330e and my experience so far with pod point has been the worst. In my workplace we have 4 charging stations and I have tried all 4 of them with no success. When I plug my car the light on the unit turns red, as if something is wrong. My first though was that...
  3. General BMW EV Discussion
    I have recently bought a 330e and I'm soon to have a 32A charge point installed at home. It seems to charge ok I’m still a bit in the dark about some of the details. I currently have it set to Low rate in iDrive for charging from a 13A socket as instructed in the manual. It takes about 6 hours...
  4. General BMW EV Discussion
    Recently acquired a 330e and have been very disappointed by the milege achieved. A full charge to 100% shows at most 16 miles range, with about 8 actually achieved. MPG is averaging less than 40mpg. It's been back to the garage but the dealer claims it's working normally. Far from the 25 miles...
  5. General BMW EV Discussion
    Yesterday I had a 32A (7kW) charger installed. I mainly signed up for it to future proof myself whilst government grants and installer discounts apply. I know it will only reduce the charge time of my car from about 3 hours to 2. I have just plugged my 330e in but it's difficult to tell if it...
  6. BMW i3
    Over the past 2 years, we've developed our Solar Carports using the superb BMW i3 as the main test car, with the i8 and 330e being used to assess the real-life practicalities of using solar power to charge these cars. As forum sponsors, we are proud to bring our products to the UK markets, for...
1-6 of 6 Results