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  1. Hey

    Ice Breakers
    Hiya Thought I'd introduce myself. Been reading forum for over two years but never got around to joining. Had a BMW 330e for two years, a perfect gentle introduction to EV. Was a short test drive in a Toyota Yaris Hybrid two years previously that revolutionised my attitude to driving as a...
  2. BMW 330e Rebates ?

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Hello, Please excuse me if this question has been asked prior. I recently picked up a lease on a 2018 BMW 330e and I was curious about government rebates. I live in California and I believe there are no State rebates for CA drivers but it appears there is a federal one of 4K. It reads it is...
  3. 32A home charger

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Yesterday I had a 32A (7kW) charger installed. I mainly signed up for it to future proof myself whilst government grants and installer discounts apply. I know it will only reduce the charge time of my car from about 3 hours to 2. I have just plugged my 330e in but it's difficult to tell if it...
  4. Pre-cooling 330e

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I downloaded BMW's ConnectedDrive app to my phone because I was led to believe that you can remotely switch on the air conditioning (or heating if you have the auxiliary heater installed) up to half an hour before you leave. Not only does this offer a pleasant environment as soon as you climb...
  5. BMW 330e - first impressions

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I have just taken delivery of a 330e, a car I first test drove in March alongside the i3. I was impressed with the car but, at the time, I thought the i3 was the better bet (it is even more impressive in many ways). I also considered a Lexus IS300h, a completely different kind of hybrid. Very...
  6. Real World 330e "Electric Only" Range

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Firstly hello, new member here. I took delivery of my 330e M Sport a few weeks ago. As I type this, the car is back at the dealer for "diagnostic tests". I'll hopefully get their verdict tomorrow. Since taking delivery of the car, at the end of a full charge it normally reports in the 14-16...