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6.6kw charger
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    Available from Jan 18th if anyone's interested. 65 plate (24th Dec 2015) Currently just shy of 36k miles (see photo) First MOT just done at end of December 2018, alongside Nissan 'service' Full Nissan SH 97% SOH according to LeafSpy, after BMS update New rear tyres, front good for another year...
  2. Drive Green
    Nissan Leaf Tekna 2013 – 6.6kW Charger A top spec Tekna in black with a charger upgrade. Mileage: 49200 This is the top spec version of the world’s most popular electric car. A Black Tekna with black leather interior. The Tekna version is the top trim level of the Nissan Leaf. This 2013...
1-2 of 2 Results