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  1. EV home 7kw charger - reasonable cost

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, myself and my partner have just ordered 2 EV vehicles Peugeot and Kia. Looking around for home 7kw chargers (of which we need 2 due to car useage), they are much more expensive that I though at £519 each minimum with the OLEV grant applied thus £1040 for both. Has anyone any experience of...
  2. Having a Disagreement with Mercedes Re-charging.... HELP Please

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    We have a B250e and it's our first EV. When we first bought the car from Mercedes in Solihull, it came with a charger box that you could plug into a standard 3 pin socket at home. Charging time was as expected, around 9 hours for a full charge. I was under the impression (from many sources)...
  3. Sold ROLEC 32A 7kW tethered home charger £125

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    ROLEC 32A 7kW tethered home charger for sale £125. Sold as seen in pictures, obviously used, was wall mounted outdoors on my garage. 3 years old, was fitted and removed by OLEV registered installer. I recently had it replaced with a more modern ZAPPI home charger, that is now linked and working...
  4. Vehicles per post

    General Charging Discussion
    Sorry if this has been gone over before. I noticed my charge rate dropping whilst plugged into a GMEV 7KW post. A quick check on CYC shows that someone has started to use the other port on that post. Obviously no issues with that, but there is a second post at this location (all 4 bays...
  5. Weird Charging Issue

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi All, Yes I have read all the current forum content on Kia Soul EV OBC, but I am just after any thoughts. For the last two weeks, since we had the lovely hot weather, I can't seem to charge reliably on a 32A connection be it at home or out, it flashes up with a ridiculous time remaining like...
  6. For Sale BMW charging cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    As i have just sold me beloved i3, to make space for a newer, bluer version. I have no need for my BMW charging cable as the new one will come with one. I can't really see the use for two unless you have an untethered home charger? So before i eBay it, I thought id see if anyone wants it here...
  7. New Zoe Driver...Car keeps cutting charge after few seconds

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm new on here but comments from Twitter suggest that someone might have some advice here! I am getting desperate and really frustrated. I love my Renualt Zoe I collected her the last week of December. She is my company car and when purchased I was assured that it would not matter that I...