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  1. [Trip Report] Repeating my Stansted-Leeds round trip, this time with rapidgate fix

    Nissan Leaf40
    I repeated the return trip to Leeds I last did on March 16th, just before I had the rapidgate software update. Link to previous report is below, but in a nutshell - last time it was cold, wet & very windy; this time it was warm (hot,even!), dry and sunny. So software and conditions are the two...
  2. Weather conditions Saturday 16th March - long range trip - efficiency struggles.....!

    Nissan Leaf40
    The weather conditions seemed particularly bad yesterday (Saturday 16th March) & I was on a longish trip from Essex (Stansted area) to Leeds and back. Here's my experience - if anyone else was out and about yesterday I'd be very interested in your experience. For me it was one of my first real...
  3. A1 North East England Charging status

    Charging Locations
    Am doing a trip from Scotland down the A1 to Seahouses in Northumberland to see the seabirds/Farne Islands tomorrow. ZapMap is showing that Berwick-Upon-Tweed (Swan Sports Centre) Rapid, and Seahouses fast charger are both down as of 31-Mar. Great for me if that is the case, I don't suppose...