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  1. Buying Second Hand: What to Watch

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello all, New to the forums. Apologies to start if this has already been covered. I did try searching but couldn't find anything. Looking at buying a used GTE with up to 30k miles on it (looking at one at the moment with around 15k, 2016 registration). Test drove one yesterday and think I...
  2. Advice needed-Zoe won’t charge

    Renault ZOE
    Hi there! I’ve had my little 2nd hand Zoe since April this year and it has been amazing- until two weeks ago :\ I got the service failure “stop” message and the “battery charging impossible” message while driving down the motorway. Got it home by turning off eco mode and left it. Tried charging...
  3. Zoe is going back... tempted by an e-Golf - Advice? Watch-outs?

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    Hi, My Zoe is coming up to the end of it's PCP and I'm happy the whole electric thing works for me. My original reason for jumping into EVs was intrigue and the cheap deals that were available on the Zoes. Currently, my 22 kWh Zoe when used in conjunction with my right foot will do 70 miles...
  4. Buying advice for 2nd hand Leaf24

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello folks, I'm new here new to this forum, read a lot in past days and weeks, but other than that I'm complete newbie and the little bit of knowledge I have is purely theoretical, so I'd appreciate advice from real life experience. We are family of four, living in suburb of a 80k city. We...
  5. Charge point install preperation

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm going to be getting a rolec 7kw charge point installed soon, though I've not contacted them yet. The distance between the main CU and the garage is 30m. However the charge point location will need a further 5m of cable. The garage currently has power to it, but the cable is only 4mm and...
  6. Advice needed !!! Looking into purchasing my first EV / Hybrid

    General EV Discussion
    Hello Everybody ! I am looking to move from my 2.0 litre petrol to a hybrid / electric vehicle. I will usually travel a maximum of 50 miles in a day on my daily commute / errands. It is a very rare occasion that i will do any more than that. The reason i want a hybrid / electric, would be for...
  7. Office Block Installation

    General Charging Discussion
    My partner manages a fairly large block of serviced and traditional offices and after all my talk of charging and charge points he has put it to his managers that he would like to get some EV charge points installed in the car park. In short it's a nice selling point for the offices and might...
  8. Is a golf GTE for me??

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, I've been trawlling through all of the GTE threads to get as much information as possible. I'm really keen on the new Golf GTE advance, looks fun to drive love the idea of the re-gen braking & my missus had a VW which is great. My commute is 12 miles of stop & start & b-road. I have...
  9. Help/advice on affordable Eco car

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi all, I am in need of a vehicle by the end of Nov! I need ideally a plug in hybrid as I can't home charge. Does anyone know of a low cost solution to my needs? If I can't find an affordable PHEV I may need to look at a second hand Smart car but ideally I need a plug in for work and promoting...