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  1. Worst lifetime MPG ever award

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    So I picked up my used 2012 Ampera on Friday and looked at the lifetime MPG of wait for it - 40mpg. Then I realised that the solar panel company that were the first owners were using it as an ICE car.!!! A full service at Vauxhall co formed that it had hardly ever been plugged in. LOL I now...
  2. evmeerkat - who is this guy?

    General EV Discussion
    @EvMeerkat - Blogging about all things electric Car anyone heard of this blogger? he types all his content in the style of Alexandr the meerkat from Comparethemarket. It is exhausting reading because you have to mentally correct his pronunciation and grammar as you read but highly...
  3. New Ampera owner in Milton Keynes

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, I will be taking delivery of my used 2012 Transformers Ampera (nickname White Lightning - like the cider, and yes I have ordered my Transformers logos in metal to replace the Vauxhall ones with) this Friday - not sure if it is lithium or summit but it has a weird golden glow at certain...
  4. Hello I pick up my Ampera soon!

    Ice Breakers
    Hello folks, I am purchasing an Ampera in a couple of days. I have 10 million questions but 2 pressing ones. Can I get a free wall charger to install outside my house on the wall? Can I get a free/cheap/subsidised charger to install at work? Where should I look for these? Sorry thats 3 questions.
  5. New Ampera owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, so cool to drive my new Ampera, a bit of a pain figuring out how to charge it in public. Lots of different cables, suppliers, cards to apply for etc...HELP!
  6. Ampera Tyre choice

    General EV Discussion
    Hi Again, well my Ampera is now at 25,000 miles and the front tyres have all but had it, I have been quoted in excess of £120 each from a Vauxhall dealer, and my question is do I need to go for the exact same make and model number of tyre to keep my rolling efficiency or would another make do...