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  1. Hyundai Kona
    Hello all this is my first post. So I've only owned my new my22 premium since for a week but I noticed that the screen isn't very smooth when displaying android auto maps, is there any way to fix this as its quite annoying? Thanks in advance
  2. Hyundai Kona
    Hello, bit of a weird one this... Just joined the motorway at 65ish mph, android auto on, playing music from Tidal. I have 40% battery and as far as I know the 12v battery must be OK since the light on the bonnet wasnt on when I started the car. I put my foot down and got full power to quickly...
  3. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Hey guys! I read this forum for a long time, but I wasn't a member, but now I'm so happy and want to share it with you! I have a 2016 30kwh Leaf Tekna I found on a Facebook post () about adding CarPlay and Android Auto into 30kwh Leafs remotely by Xanavi. I wrote to them, they gave me all...
  4. Hyundai Kona
    Have had my Kona electric since March 2019 and have only now got around to trying to get Android Auto working. My Pixel 3a is running Android 11 and Android Auto ver 5.7.603954. Kona SD card was updated Jan 2020. When trying to connect (using cable) car system reports 'Reading USB device' and...
  5. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hey, I have a brand new BimmerTech BMW i3 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto which was destined to be installed on my lease hire i3, but now it has to be returned so I have no need for it. The kit is still in its box and was also purchased with the installation tool kit required. The link to the...
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I have a 2016 GTE with Discover Pro. For Android auto users I wonder if you have the same behaviour: When I connect the cable from my mobile , Android Auto starts automatically. But the apps (for ex. Spotify,Tunein Radio,Podcats,etc.) they do not start together.I get the message that they are...
  7. Renault ZOE
    Anyone tried unlocking android auto this way for the Zoe. Really would like to do this but may be beyond my technical ability. Anyone would like to come and do this for my car I am close to Cheshire oaks Will even make you a cuppa tea
  8. General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Not seen it mentioned here before but occasionally Discover will have a funny moment and won't connect to Android Auto and I fixed it the other day by holding down the power button (on the entertainment dash) until the system restarted itself - if that doesn't work then restarting the phone...
  9. General EV Discussion
    I am starting to hate Google Play Music more and more. It's bugs (can't deal with multi-disc FLAC albums my main one) and lack of Replay Gain support. Any suggestions for a good, sensible, stable music player app (paid or free) for Android Auto? My normal Poweramp Pro doesn't support AA, even...
  10. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    My iPhone has decided to stop charging, so whilst it is away being repaired for the next couple of weeks I've got myself a cheap Android as can't be without a smart phone for work! It's a Blackview A7 and running version 7 Nougat though so think it should be fine. However, the car does not...
  11. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    For those using AA on their GTE: Latest Android Auto update adds OK Google support - Android Community
1-11 of 11 Results