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  1. MY Renault app - Issues list

    Renault ZOE
    Thought it would be handy to start a separate thread to keep track of issues with the app released April '20. General May take several attempts to recognise activation code for pre-ZE50 services Android Bug - Remote air conditioning not triggering on the ZE50 Bug - Mapping does not show EV...
  2. OVMS vehicle monitoring / app

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, has anyone got any experience with the OVMS hardware? Particularly being used on a Kia Soul ev but any experience would be good to hear. Thanks
  3. Will you BETA-test an android app for Kona EV?

    Hyundai Kona
    I am the current developer of an android app for the Hyundai and Kia EV models, the Soul EV Spy (it was for Kia Soul EV initially). The app is currently available as "Kia Soul EV Spy - BETA" in google play store. If you have an OBD-II bluetooth dongle (a Konnwei KW902), you can put that in the...
  4. My Z.E. iOS App always logging out

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all, Wondering if any of you have a solution to my very minor issue. Almost every time I go to my Zoe app I’m logged out of the car. No matter how many times I type my email and password in, if I leave the app to idle for a while I’m logged out again even if I hit remember me. Anyone had...
  5. Signing up to ZE services

    Renault ZOE
    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but thought fellow Zoe owners could help me out again. I called Renault the other day to get an activation code for the connected services, as my Zoe was a 3 month old ex-demo the dealership hadn't used it yet and Renault had no problem in setting it up and...
  6. Newbie question

    Ice Breakers
    Hey guys i was wondering if there are platforms or apps who show you the cheepest option to charge your car. thanks :)
  7. New Polar Instant app

    General Charging Discussion
    Polar have just released a brand new version of their app (5 March), which I have just downloaded. It's completely separate from the original app, which you need to uninstall manually. You also have to set up the new app from scratch, but your original email/password login stays the same. The...
  8. Hello from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (ODB2 Problem)

    Ice Breakers
    Hi there everybody, I am a proud owner of a Kona Electric! So far my average range (it's between 5 and 10 Celsius here) is around 365km. And I am not driving in any other way as I did with my previous Mazda 3. So I am happy.:) Also, the instant power is amazing! I am not going to lie. The...
  9. Remote operation of rear window defroster

    Tesla Model S
    I just found out that in some circumstances the rear window defroster elements on the Model S will switch on when the car is being remotely heated. This was news to me so decided to give it a whirl but no joy so far. Does anyone know under what circumstances this will happen? I did a test when...
  10. Mercedes me Portal

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    Since the Mercedes me connect Web App was decommissioned a few days ago, I’ve learned something truly remarkable - it wasn’t the worst possible user experience. Now that I’ve started using the Mercedes me Portal, I’ve discovered depths of unusability I hadn’t previously imagined. To set...
  11. Any way to moniter charging?

    Kia Niro
    Is there any way of moniyering the charging of the car as we dont have access to an app on the Niro PHEV
  12. Hello - New Vauxhall Ampera Owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hello I'm about to pick up a Vauxhall Ampera on Monday. Would be very interested to hear from other Ampera Owners. Good things bad things etc Particularly want to know about compatibility with the network of chargers around the uk... Disppointed theres no Ampera phone app! thanks Geoff
  13. The best/most popular charging network app?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I did a search but couldn't find a related post. What app(s) do you use on your phone to find chargers? Thanks.
  14. The PlugSeeker

    General EV Discussion
    Greetings SpeakEV Fellow EV drivers Thought i’d pen a little introduction on here for those I haven’t chatted to before in other online platforms. I am most prominently active in Twitter. I met a few of you at Fully Charged Live 2018 (which was really great!) I am a driver of a NissanLeaf 30kW...
  15. Bristol / Southwest (and rest of UK) - Charge App development

    Charging Locations
    Hi All, I am a founder at a Bristol based startup in the process of creating an app that will help ease charge anxiety and provide a lot of benefits for EV drivers. We need EV owners views to assist with product development and who will also receive the opportunity to trial our solution. We...
  16. Unregister Mobile app

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Hi, I had two phones registered and by mistake deleted the app from a phone and did not unregister. Now when I try to register a new phone it tells me I have used both licences. How do I delete a registration from the Remote Ctrl 2 app? Thanks in advance
  17. Looking to support EV's

    Ice Breakers
    Hi All, I have signed up with view to getting a better understanding of EV's and in particular at this time EV charging points. I run a small B&B/ Holiday Let in West Gloucestershire and am looking to install an EV charge point that I can generate billing to recoup capital, electrical supply...
  18. Difficulty charging at public chargers - red light

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Thought I'd pick some brains here! I have difficulty every time I use a public charger. Here in Northumberland it is the 'Charge Your Car' network and they are all free to connect and use. Here's the sequence every time: 1. I take the AC charger and plug it in my car. It locks in place, I have...
  19. VW apps...

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Subtitled "Or... How I stopped worrying and deleted Car Net" In the month or so that I've had my GTE Advance, I've tried very hard to like VW apps even a little bit as much as I like VW cars. But I've finally admitted that the VW apps are truly sh*t and have deleted them. Car Net Many people...
  20. Best app for finding available charging locations?

    Charging Locations
    Hey everyone - just wondering what you use to check if a charging location is available for use? I'm in the UK and have a number of apps on my iPhone, none of which seems to give a quick, reliable indication if a point is currently available - although this might be down to my not fully...