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apple carplay

  1. Google Maps on CarPlay

    General EV Discussion
    So not strictly an EV topic and was going to post just on the GTE forum but then realised this will be good news for many. When iOS12 rolls out later this week it will start to allow third party mapping apps on Apple CarPlay. See point 14...
  2. Applecarplay

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi have found this company selling a download to add apple car play to my 330e for less than half the cost of the app from BMW connected. The impending addition of Waze to the maps is something that interests me. Has anyone had any experience of this and will it affect my warrantee if I buy...
  3. Apple CarPlay temperamental

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi All, In the last month or so my CarPlay has become increasingly temperamental. Sometimes it works as soon as I plug it in, others it asks me to confirm that I'm happy with the phone transferring data to the car and when I press yes it works and yet other times it thinks for about 5 secs and...