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  1. Australian renewable energy network

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Australia can build an affordable and secure electricity network with 100 per cent renewable energy, using existing technologies, according to research by the Australian National University (ANU). Sounds like a recipe for a good, old-fashioned argument about hoax global warming stories...
  2. A Model S Roadtrip to follow... Across Australia!

    Tesla Model S
    One of the best things to do with a Tesla is to take it for LONG drives. I know many people who do just that, and I was inspired to take my first cross-country EV drive a year ago. Many may remember my thread from a year ago, I know of Model S drivers with over 100,000 miles, and one at...
  3. Hi from Armadale, Western Australia

    Ice Breakers
    I just stumbled across this forum and joined because I believe in the future of BEV's. I don't have an EV at present as I just can't afford one. Not having a regular income is a bummer. Here in Australia there is a dearth of EV options. Tesla and BMW have the yop rnd with the Model S/X and the...