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  1. Auto journalism. What now?

    General EV Discussion
    Something's been bugging me since becoming more aware/interested in electric powered vehicles. Like many I've always had an interest in cars and am a mild petrolhead, but since ordering and owning my Golf GTE I've become more and more disillusioned with the state of motoring journalism with...
  2. Autocar gives Model 3 the nod (4.5 stars / 5)

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    It's also a good read this week, especially the review of the fine handling, new Alpine 410 (oooops, I mentioned an ICE .. but I think I got away with it :D - yes the one that caught fire, and is NOT a tesla :)) . It also has slightly misleading article on EV charging structure needed for...
  3. Model S review in Autocar today 20-4-16

    Tesla Model S
    Well worth a read ...spoiler: "light years ahead of the opposition "