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  1. General Mercedes EV Discussion
    Have B-Class owners had visibility of the car diagnostics? Do dealers provide them at time of servicing, or use them to show faults. My dealer seems ‘coy’ and seems to have a view that they are ‘not’ for owners. Lastly, does anyone have experience, with a Dongle and associated App(s)? I...
  2. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi all, We have one Mercedes B-Class B250e available for Contract Hire (business or personal). Personal Contract Hire: From £329 /month (inc.VAT) £1,980 initial rental (inc. VAT) Business Contract Hire: From £269 / month (+VAT) £1,620 initial rental (+VAT) Terms*: Hire term: 36 months...
  3. Ice Breakers
    Wanted to say hello to his forum. Really happy with the car - took Mercedes 5 month from ordering to delivery and finally got it yesterday. Charged it over night connected to a 7KW pod point home charger which took a bit longer than expected from about 20% and can confirm it's fully charged this...
1-3 of 3 Results