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  1. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Mildly interesting article in the FT about "Electric cars’ green image blackens beneath the bonnet" It is behind a paywall so I can't link it but its basically arguing that a small cheap ICE car does less "lifecycle" damage than a Tesla Model S, this calculation pretty much entirely hinges on...
  2. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I didn't see this linked anywhere else, if it is somewhere I will ask for thread to be deleted .. I spotted this on another car forum I am on, some grumblings, whingeing and disbelief that Tesla driver (rich ass-hole) could display such hero-like behaviour. I am enjoying lurking in the thread...
  3. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I did a quick search and found a thread from 2015 but was wondering if anyone has had a fiddle with the unofficial Tesla API data that is around, one example of someone doing this here. I am a bit geeky and enjoy mucking about with stuff like this - I like the idea of being able to suck my...
1-3 of 4 Results