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  1. Battery in winter

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    I have a Mercedes B class electric 2017 model. The official says that it should charge 87mile range (not on paper but in the real life) without extender. in the summer time we managed to get close to 87miles but now in winter it went down to around 52-54miles. Just over 50miles isn’t quite...
  2. Ajax's stadium powered by LEAF batteries

    General EV Discussion
    Nissan Leaf batteries power Dutch stadium's energy storage system | Autocar
  3. Car Net Connection

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi everybody I picked up my new GTE last week, a few issues you wouldn’t expect with a £34k car already been into Volkswagen for the day for diagnostics and now booked for a week on the 26th for more test... main issue the batteries do not charge past 21 miles showing full and I only get a 12...
  4. Optimum operating temperature.

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all, I've read up a bit about decreased range and slow charging in cold weather. Does anyone know if there are manufacturers guidelines on what the optimum temperature range for the batteries are? Or what temperatures the battery warmers kick in? Thanks
  5. BBC Radio 4 - The Bottom Line on Batteries

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Interesting (and positive!) stuff as Evan Davis discussed battery technology and application on The Bottom Line this week: "Is battery technology the key to decarbonising energy and reinventing transport? If so, can the current technology, Lithium-Ion batteries, evolve quickly enough to meet...
  6. Energy storage consultation- Innovate UK

    General EV Discussion
    Vehicle 2 grid: call for evidence from BEIS, they want consumers views! Call for evidence a smart, flexible energy system - Consultations - GOV.UK (with my emphasis) As part of our commitment to building a 21st century energy infrastructure, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial...
  7. For Sale Valence Lithium-Ion 12v 130Ah Batteries

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Valence U2712XP. Check valence.com for detailed specifications. Best Lithium batteries in the market retailing new for $2000. These ones have been very little used. They normally have a life of 4000 cycles DOD at 80% which means that if charge/discharged to 80% every day they would last more...
  8. For Sale LiFeMgPO4 Batteries

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi there, I have a bulk quantity of U2712XP batteries from Valence Technolgy. They have been tested and fully chraged. History log shows via CANBus that they have been charged an average of 50 times or less, so they are practically new. If you want to know more details please call me on...