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battery performance

  1. What is your ideal battery SOC? (94Ah)

    BMW i3
    Hi everyone, wondered if anyone (electrical engineers, electricians, pioneers...) knows the answer to my Ice Breaker question? I've since read in the manual you shouldn't leave it below 80% for long periods. So: ~85% ±5% a sensible target that other people apply? And how long actually is 'too...
  2. Winter range

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Just bought myself a 4 year old Ampera. On the first two full charges I've managed 31mi (10.9kwh) and 32mi (10.4kwh). The first mostly motorway but staying below 60. The second around town and country lanes with a few small hills. Didn't use the heating much. I always try and drive as eco as...
  3. EV Virgin.... Help!?

    Nissan e-NV200
    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase a second hand electric van. I came across the Nissan E-NV200 accidentally whilst looking at the Diesel equivalent. The recent media revelations about how polluting Diesel is have made me re-evaluate my decision. It seems stupid to fork out for a new...
  4. Plug in every night, or wait until the battery is empty?

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Reading this post by @yoh-there here, I got to thinking that I have never found any definitive information with regard to charging lithium-based batteries. Are many small charges worse than one large charge? Which is more detrimental to battery life - the total amount of charges, or the total...
  5. We're getting there, Self warming battery.

    General EV Discussion
    Lithium-ion battery warms itself in cold environments to maintain performance
  6. High Voltage Battery Warmer System

    Kia Soul EV
    In case anyone is curious about this topic, here is text from the manual... "The high voltage battery warmer system prevents reduction of battery output when battery temperature is low. If the charging connector is connected, the warmer system automatically operate according to the battery...
  7. Nissan LEAF battery performance issues

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello, I received a new Nissan LEAF SVE (equivalent to Tekna) in Ireland in April this year and for several months have been very happy with it. However, in September after ca. 7500 km (less than 5000 miles) the battery performance seemed to drop off significantly. Up to that point I had...