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  1. BBC publishes a pro-EV story for a change!

    General EV Discussion
    A "Full Story" article on EV conversions of ICE classics https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48956000
  2. Report on car dealerships (no change)

    General EV Discussion
    Nothing changing yet. Dealer tactics stall electric car sales
  3. How to see FA Cup final today in Scotland?

    Off Topic and Banter
    Okay, so I have Freeview telly (or Council TV+) as my sister calls it :LOL: Don't have Sky etc. So I would like to watch the FA Cup final between Man U - Chelsea on BBC. Only thing is I live in Scotland and the diddy cup final with Celtic v Motherwell is scheduled at same time and will be shown...
  4. BBC strikes again

    General EV Discussion
    Did you see this Sunday's Countryfile? Why do they keep dragging up this out of date rubbish? What if all the millions of electric cars charged at the same time. How many more power stations will we need. The grid can't take Cap'n.