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  1. Roadtrip write up - taking a BEV i3s 650 miles to Munich (and back)

    General EV Discussion
    So, I drove my i3s BEV to Munich and back. I have friends out there and decided to try it for no better reason than to see how I got on and with no commitments if I failed and had to turn back! I’ve had disastrous 150mile journeys in the UK so I was more than slightly nervous. I spent hours...
  2. Oxford to Koln

    Charging Locations
    Hello, I am taking the Rex to Koln at the weekend and would love to hear from anyone else that has attempted this journey. I can see that Eurotunnel have the rapid charger and I will be able to fill with petrol just before there, the car is currently doing between 175 and 190 with both systems...