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  1. PHEV taxis blocking Chargers

    General Charging Discussion
    What's the view on PHEV taxis blocking charge points when BEVs need a charge? I arrived at one of the new free to use PodPoint rapids at a Lidl in Bristol having driven from Southampton and was wanting to make the 100-mile return journey. A Leaf taxi was using the Chademo and a Mercedes PHEV...
  2. New circumstances require a rethink

    General EV Discussion
    I will shortly be starting a new job in which I will be getting a company vehicle, (probably deisel van). This will mean that I will not need to drive as much too and from work. However I will still need to drive to and from Scotland about twice a year with a 6yo and my wife. This is a 450mile...
  3. 2016 60ah BEV review after 8 months (Summer + Winter)

    BMW i3
    As there are many REX owner reviews I thought I would post my BEV 22Kw owner review for readers. I bought the Car last year after my work installed EV charge points (they now charge for their use which I did not expect but that is another story) I commute between 34 - 45 miles per day depending...
  4. Futuristic Grid Video

    General Charging Discussion
    So, I can remember watching a video on a futuristic grid, where power was distributed from EV to homes and the amount of solar and wind power being produced in real time, all viewed through a large screen, possibly touchscreen. I am unsure if this was a concept or real thing (probably was)...
  5. Starting up a used EV company

    Ice Breakers
    Hi - I'm starting up a used EV company, rEVolution Cars LTD. I've loved EVs since driving one in 2015 and I have been planning the start up since early 2018. I'm only going to sell Battery EVs, no Hybrids/PHEVS and I'm keen to make sure that dealing with me is going to be a good experience for...
  6. Moved from BEV to PHEV

    Kia Niro
    I have moved to a Niro PHEV from a Leaf 40kwh and I am glad I have done it! I have found the Leaf to be a great car but the worry about the range or lack thereof when I take a longer trip has become tiresome. With my daily commute being 30ish miles I will be driving as an EV 5 days a week but...
  7. Interested in getting a new e-Golf - pros and cons please

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    I'm currently driving a 2016 Audi A3 e-tron and with my lease expiring in about 18 months, I'm starting my search for a BEV to replace it, which I plan on buying. The e-Golf is on my list of BEV's and I couldn't think of a better place to get info than from those who have lived with this car...
  8. Survey examining drivers of consumer willingness to purchase full electric vehicles

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, I am currently on my final year at Uni and i am doing a dissertation on drivers of consumer willingness to purchase BEV's (battery electric vehicles). I would appreciate it if you could complete the survey. It will take around 5-7 minutes. Thank you in advance...
  9. Recommendations for a 12v Kettle for charging stops.

    Off Topic and Banter
    Looking into buying a kettle that can plug into the 12v cigarrete lighter for charging stops in the cold for my Leaf, and more so for my I-Miev which I don't use heating for. As well as a hot cuppa, I might even have the occasional Pot Noodle. What are others using? There seems to be some iffy...
  10. Sold Citroën C-Zero £4650 (62 reg, 13k miles)

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    For Sale: one white Citroën C-Zero WN62TWE. First registered Nov 2012, currently MOTed until Jan 2018. Comes with a 3kW EVSE for home charging (plugs into standard 13A socket), or it can use a charge point with a Type 1 plug if you have one. The car also has a CHAdeMO socket for rapid charging...
  11. Auto Express: Audi teases pure electric concept car ahead of Shanghai reveal

    General Audi EV Discussion
    Audi teases pure electric concept car ahead of Shanghai reveal I wonder about the use of cameras in place of side mirrors - although Porsche have announced this for the Mission-E I'm not aware of legislation changes to allow this.
  12. BEV Dissertation survey. Now closed.

    General EV Discussion
    Hello, EV enthusiasts! My name is Stanislav. I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies in the UK, and I am doing my Final Year Project (Dissertation) on the Electric Vehicle industry. The topic focuses on BEVs and their Barriers to mass adoption. Moreover, I want to know what can...
  13. BMW i3 BEV - Immediate Availability - TAX EXEMPT - £309 inc VAT

    BMW i3
    Hi all, For anyone interested in Personal or Business leases we have great terms on a BMW i3 BEV WE HAVE A VEHICLE THAT HAVE COME IN AS CANCELLATION DUE TO MANUFACTURING AND DELIVERY DELAYS. Example, on Personal Contract Hire the figures are: - 36 months - BMW i3 94ah BEV = monthly rental of...
  14. Event: ElectrAA @ the Ace Café

    Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion
    Ladies and Gentleman. I have been approached by the iconic Ace Café London regarding the arrangement of a BEV meet. It would be open to both motorbikes and cars. Either a weekend evening or day. To feature one british EV startup. At the moment I'm putting the 'feelers out' so to...
  15. Volvo’s new compact car has electrification at it’s core

    General EV Discussion
    Today Volvo unveiled two new concept cars that move the Swedish brand in an audacious new direction and mark the official launch of its global small car strategy...... Read on here
  16. Personal Leasing - BMW i3 REX £274 per month / BEV £269 per month w Metallic & DC Prep.

    BMW i3
    Hi all, For anyone looking at Business or Personal leasing we currently have great terms on BMW i3 100% Electric BEV and Range Extender REX. For example, on Personal Contract Hire 6+23 (24 month term), 6,000 miles per annum with Metallic Paint and DC Rapid Charge Prep. included (customer...