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  1. Bristol to South Scotland in a T2 only charging SmartCar

    General EV Discussion
    I have an opportunity to buy a SmartCar that is slow T2 charging only. Does not rapid charge unfortunately. Would drive it home from Bristol area to South Scotland. Likely route would be M5, M42/A42 (passing by Birmingham), onto Nottingham area and up the M1/A1. I know it would be a crappy...
  2. Looking for a Tesla owner in Birmingham interested in entering 'Project Loveday' competition

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I would love to enter Teslas Project Loveday advert competition but I have one big problem... I don't own a Tesla or know anyone who does. I'm a filmmaker based in Birmingham and a massive Tesla fanboy. Would anyone be interested in working on this project with me? All i'd really need is for...