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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Spotted today: a Bolloré 'bluecity' rental car with a parking penalty ticket on a Source London Charge Point. This was in London Borough of Barnet, at a charge point where Barnet Council have a maximum stay restriction of 4 hours clearly signed at the charging bays. Of course, a car sharing...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    Spotted on a Source London IER charge point: Lack of Source London logos on screen. A Bluecity logo on screen instead. Does this mean they're ready to launch their vehicle rentals? Let's see.. Current Source London app and web site has a lot of hidden functionality relating to booking a...
  3. General Groupe Stellantis EV Discussion
    While we have all been chatting about Citroen bringing back the C-Zero and a convertible for Bollore's Autolib! To my total surprise, I've received a message to confirm that the Citroen Mehari is back as an EV! The car is not identical to the Bollore's Blue Summer - it is genuinely a...
1-3 of 3 Results