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  1. General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi all, Not sure if I’m being a numpty but any ideas on why I might experience lag when accelerating at normal speed when overtaking for example in a BMW 330E? From a standing start have no issues but only when already moving? Wondered if anyone else has experienced this or ideas on it? Cheers
  2. General BMW EV Discussion
    Just got my 330e and love it, i need to extend the 3 pin charging lead to reach my car in my garage, I've read its not wise to use standard extension cable but wondered can i use the 'public charging station' cable as an extension lead? If not can you recommend safe extensions leads Thanks to all
  3. General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am hoping you may be able to help me out I have scoured the web for what seems like hours and whilst I can find the boot volume I can’t seem to find any details in relation actual dimensions. Can anybody please tell me the Width length and height of the boot. Thanks in advance Craig.
  4. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Regd Oct 2016. Mileage 8200. Only extra is fold down rear seats. Fitted with Michelin CrossClimate tyres. Websites suggest £20,000 would be a fair price. Ideally would sell April when new Leaf is due.
  5. General BMW EV Discussion
    Have done less than 2000 miles in my new 330e but it has developed a weird noise emanating from the rear nearside wheel. It sounds rather like a wire extended to breaking point, a kind of crackly metallic sound. It only occurs on acceleration but regardless of whether running on electric or...
  6. General BMW EV Discussion
    I'd be interested to hear from other 330e owners about their experience with the "Save Battery" mode? On longer journeys I've tried switching modes once I've run out of electric - save battery to generate electric then switch to e drive or all electric if I'm near the end of a journey - but...
  7. General Charging Discussion
    Hello First of all a massive thanks to the existence of this forum, Im taking my first steps into the world of EV/PHEV Ive got a BMW 330e (Which I know some think are evil!) but its a start and for my usage it makes sense as I can get to work and back on a charge (Ive tested one for two weeks)...
  8. General BMW EV Discussion
    Morning All First off want to say a massive thanks to this forum and the community, Some amazing information available. I've got a 330e on order, I know in some peoples opinion their pure evil! But for my needs it works fine (I have done a two week trial on one) - Short commute and very nice...
  9. General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi all, I'm going to ask some really basic questions - I apologise in advance for any potential frustration I may cause. I ordered my 330e back in February out of the company catalogue based on the BiK being super low. It turns up next week and I'm starting to get pretty excited :) Because of...
  10. General BMW EV Discussion
    very happy to pick up my 330e in June. I'm looking at home charging. ChargedEV seems to charge £300. Any suggestions which is the best home charging system? Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results