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bmw i3 120ah
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  1. BMW i3
    As from 8th December 2020 we can fit the new EV number plate for zero omissions vehicles in the U.K. I contacted my dealership who kindly sent me a set in the post free of charge. Just fitted today to my i3s. Feeling smug ;) Hopefully local authority will allow me to use bus lanes and park...
  2. BMW i3
    Don’t use it often but I am wanting my i drive to display charge points. Using the the menu I get fuel but this is all the local ICE fuel stations. What is the best way to find Charge Points on the system?
  3. BMW i3
    Had car 5 weeks and got the “Washer fluid low” alert come up on the dash. Filled it seemed to take about a litre and a half. Is it really that small? I am used to vehicle with 5 litre reservoirs. Anyone know the actually capacity? Or is something wrong?
  4. General BMW EV Discussion
    Has anyone had problems with BMW OEM charge cables? Frequent issues of it not initiating a charge? Lock errors etc? With my purchase of the my i3s I negotiated the inclusion of the the OEM BMW 32amp Type 2 to Type 2 8 meter cable. In using this I had regular issues with the cable being...
  5. BMW i3
    I have a brand new i3 300 miles on the clock It was stuck and wouldn’t move, it went to a bmw service centre where they inform me it was a software glitch and they reset the software I was wondering anyone else had this? It is being delivered back to me, but not sure if they actually did...
1-5 of 5 Results