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bmw i3 charging

  1. Boulogne sur Mer

    Ice Breakers
    I am new into this and it may be well known but in case it’s of any use I was flapping around for a charger for my i3 in Boulogne Sur Mer over the weekend and found that the Casino (as in betting not food shop) has a free charger for Tesla and the i3 in the underground car park. On the Sunday...
  2. Excited to get my First EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hello All First of all, many thanks to all the members of this forum. I have spent a good few weeks here and garnered to much useful information. After a lot of research, test drive and dealer visits, I am currently in negotiation for a BMW i3 94Ah REX. I have a great relationship with the...
  3. Wallbox pro

    General BMW EV Discussion
    hi I have just had a wallbox pro fitted and I know it can delivery over 7kwh but I've noticed it's only charging at 2.1kwh. Does anyone have any ideas why, there's only a tv, small freezer and a fridge freezer. So not much else drawing lots of electricity, I've tried charging during the day and...