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  1. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Well cared for BMW i3 REX, 30,100 miles and in great condition. Full BMW Service History. Owned by me since December 2017. First owner was BMW (bought with 3300 miles on clock). Professional navigation (large screen), suite interior with dalbergia leather and oak trim. Park assist package and...
    £14,000 GBP
  2. BMW iX
    Hey! BMW has revealed the 2022 BMW iX1 recently but its arrival in the U.S. is not certain yet. Were you looking forward to it or do you have alternatives already? Check out the details of the EV - 2022 BMW iX1 - Specs, Design, Details What is your most favourite aspect of the new iX1?
  3. BMW i4
    Has anyone ordered a BMW i4 and received a build slot / delivery date yet? I ordered the M50 model mid-December and was informed I should get my position in the build queue within the first two weeks of January, however all the dealership can tell me is that "it's in the order bank". Thanks!
  4. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    21,120 miles 1 former keeper MOT until September 2022 Battery warranty until November 2022 Anti-corrosion warranty until November 2026 DC rapid charge package - 10% to 80% charge in just 20 mins Park Assist package - self parking, reversing camera, front & rear parking distance control Comfort...
    £12,790 GBP
  5. EV Charging Stations (EVSE) For Sale
    BMW 22kw charging cable, cable came with my new car but it is surplus to requirements as I already have one from a previous I3s. Will fit any type 2 enabled vehicle. Item can be collected in Bristol
  6. Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone I am hoping to learn loads...from this group, I have had my EV for 8 weeks and I thought i had done so much research before I purchased it but still learning everyday so i hope i will be able to pick up useful tips on here rather than fumbling my way through my first year of...
  7. General Charging Discussion
    I have recently done a 340 mile round trip - going down was absolutely great and I thought - ah this is better than unexpected and I used Gridserve, coming back however was a nightmare, every single service station I pulled into had Ecotricity EV points, I must have spent 15 minutes trying to...
  8. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    As my BMW i3 is now sold, and the new owner didn't fancy these, I thought I would offer them here. Standard winter tyre size 155/70 R19 88Q rated, with Bridgstone Blizzack LM-500 tyres fitted. Tyres are quite worn and probably only good for one more winter. Treads are (approx): OSR : Outer 3mm...
  9. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I've decided to part company with my BMW i3 to purchase a longer range car. It's a 94Ah BEV in Protonic Blue, I am the 2nd owner (purchased from BMW Wolverhampton in 2019) It's covered 27,395 miles which will increase slightly as the car is still in use (rarely!) Full BMW service history (2...
  10. General EV Discussion
    New Fully Electric BMW iX3 Production at BMW Factory in Dadong plant of BMW Brilliance Automotive, China: Enjoy ttps://youtu.be/_fBcJ8ILl2A
  11. General EV Discussion
    First some background, this is my first post on this forum so I hope that asking for recommendations is okay! I have a ICE car that I use for longer journeys and weekends, however I am looking at getting an EV through work to commute in. As the car is leased the reliability is not really an...
  12. General EV Discussion
    BMW is getting more and more involved in electric car production and already has serveral years of experince....but it seems like they are speeding up the development now. Here is a new video from the Battery production plant: Will the beat Audi and Mercedes? Tesla I beleive is to far ahead....
  13. BMW i3
    Hey guys! I'm new to the EV world and just picked up my i3 this week. I'm looking to make some practical modifications to it, allowing me to do outdoors things I enjoy locally. I understand the roof rack issue on this car due to the bare roof. But all the threads I've read on different forums...
  14. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi there! I'm selling my [beloved] i3. It's been a joy to own for 3 years but it's time to say goodbye to this great car. We're down in Brighton if you want to stop by and take a look. Here's the blurb: Great Spec BMW i3 with Range Extender. Extras include: DC Rapid Charging Park assist...
  15. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2017 Black 94ah BMW i3 Battery Only https://drive-green.co.uk/product/2017-black-94ah-bmw-i3-battery-only/ Mileage: 10,250 Price: £20,695 This is a fantastic condition BMW i3 in a Black finish. It has DC Rapid charge preparation and a 94ah battery that gives you 110+ miles in a charge. With...
  16. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2016 White 60ah BMW i3 w/ Range Extender - Drive Green Mileage: 39,400 Price: £18,495 This is a fantastic condition BMW i3 in a White finish. It has DC Rapid charge preparation and a Range Extender. It also comes with a 60ah battery that gives you 70+ miles in a charge. This i3 has a fantastic...
1-16 of 61 Results