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  1. GM Extends Plant Shutdown to Rein In Chevy Bolt Supply

    General GM EV Discussion
    GM's Reins in Chevy Bolt Inventory by Shutting Down Plant Now if only they had run in RH Drive stock ..... :mad: with the new Leaf - Model 3 Production & rumoured uplift in battery range from BMWi Hyundai Kia for 2018 the '200' mile but affordable range sector is going to have more choice
  2. For Sale 2 Bolts in stock, Grey Premier and Black LT

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2 Bolts are in stock. We had 4 last week and have 2 left. An LT and a Premier. Located in West Palm Beach, If you would like to set up an interview please message, text or call me and I will set it up for you. If we happen to sell them before an appointment, I will let you know before you come...
  3. EV Performance talk to Baywatch babe about EV's

    General EV Discussion
    We had the pleasure of talking to Alexandra Paul of Baywatch about her long and rich history with electric vehicles check it out We talk EVs to Baywatch's Alexandra Paul | EV Performance