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  1. Free book on electric cars

    General EV Discussion
    A new book on electric cars “Can you drive an Electric Car in Britain?” is available free at http://www.jeffvehicles.com/free-book It includes a chapter - Are you saving the planet?
  2. Book promotion for the next few days. My book is on Amazon.

    Off Topic and Banter
    My book on Amazon is available and Free for a few days starting Sunday 19, 2017. "Creating an Experimental Electric Car at Home" is the title. Inside you will find diagrams, photos and schematics as well as, the account of building my dream car.
  3. Tesla Model S books?

    Tesla Model S
    Hello All, Are either of the following books worth a purchase? Owning Model S (2nd Edition) by Nick Howe Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever! Thanks in anticipation.
  4. I wrote an EV book after converting my own car.

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell you that I published a 79 page Kindle Book recently. After converting my own car to electric, I wanted to document both the car and the experience with pictures, text, and diagrams. There is no way to fit it all into a nut shell or, a few posts. If you take...
  5. Interesting EV Book - including "real" emissions data

    General EV Discussion
    Found an interesting book called The Electric Car Guide by Michael Boxwell who also has an associated website - The Electric Car Guide. Some content is aimed at those considering an EV but there's also other interesting stuff for those who've already taken the plunge. For example an evaluation...