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  1. General EV Discussion
    Hi Absolute Newby so please forgive if this a dumb question. Picked up my sons Kango EV last night and went with him to charge for the first time. A local hotel has a BP Pulse point and he uses their fuel card. plugged in started charging everything was fine. 40% and charging. After about 14...
  2. Charging Locations
    The BP on the A602 towards Hitchin looks like it has a new charger installed. It's absolutely huge! And it looks like there was only one, with 100 (150?) kW printed on the front. I was only passing so didn't get a great look at it.
  3. General Charging Discussion
    BP are increasing their prices again!
  4. Charging Locations
  5. Charging Networks
    The new bp pulse public network pricing as of the 1st December 2021 Monthly Subscription Minimum Charge  AC Charger 7kwh+  AC 43kW/DC 50kw  150kw + incl Battery Subscription/Membership £7.85 £0.00 £0.28 £0.32 £0.38 Registered User £0.00 £0.00...
  6. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I've bought a second hand BP Chargemaster, it's all wired up & charging fine. I'm having trouble registering the unit on the BP Pulse App, anybody know a work around or got any solutions ?
  7. General Charging Discussion
    Best charging networks please and do we need the plastic cards for all of them or do phone apps work? We just set out to find charging stations for our new EV (waiting for home charger to be installed). Tried 6 points in two towns. 3 not working, 3 not taking money. Came home again, bit...
  8. Charging Locations
    I recently got a change to use one of the 50kW 'Ultrachargers', that previously were only labelled with a CMU- prefixed reference. This was no use if you were at a site that had several chargers but was trying to activate via their website or app, because the maps and apps only ever give out a...
  9. General Charging Discussion
    Hello all, 2014 Leaf 24kwh acenta, 12 bars. I’ve gone to a Polar/Pulse 50kwh Rapid to get some juice. I’m charging on a dry day, roughly 10 degrees outside temperature. Starting SOC ~20%. After 38 minutes the leaf had gathered 11.4kw which to my calculation is an average of 18kw/h. Charging...
  10. Charging Networks
    Hi all, New to the game here so this might be a rookie question! Recently BP Pulse have installed a rapid charger near me but on their map it is labeled as 'TFL' - does this mean that is only available to cabbies? Thanks
  11. General EV Discussion
    Yesterday will forever be known as "Black Saturday" in relation to my 14hr, 200mile journey (the last part of which was completed on a recovery lorry.) I left home at about 0930hrs with a full and preconditioned battery in the 2020 Jaguar iPace. In theory I could make the 200mile round trip...
1-11 of 11 Results