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  1. Advice needed-Zoe won’t charge

    Renault ZOE
    Hi there! I’ve had my little 2nd hand Zoe since April this year and it has been amazing- until two weeks ago :\ I got the service failure “stop” message and the “battery charging impossible” message while driving down the motorway. Got it home by turning off eco mode and left it. Tried charging...
  2. GTE - 1209 miles to first breakdown!

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Morning, Last Wednesday (3rd Jan) on the way home from work I received a warning light in the GTE. “Low Coolant Level - Check”, followed shortly by “12V battery not charging - Pull over safely”. Upon opening the bonnet it was immediately clear that the car had ejected the contents of the hybrid...
  3. Tesla Repairs in remote areas

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience of Tesla's support for repairs etc in areas far from service centre? I'm considering getting a Tesla in the near future but am somewhat concerned about living in rural Scotland and being ~300miles and a ferry trip away from even the upcoming service centre in...
  4. Breakdown Service

    BMW i3
    My first time of posting! I have had my i3 since March this year, and have been reading this forum before and since then. I have a question, I already had a breakdown service with my previous car and didn't cancel it, am I covered by BMW for breakdown, If so is there a charge? I will not...