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  1. Bristol Cribbs Causeway Test Drives

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi, Does anyone know if you can test drive a Model 3 from Cribbs Causeway or somewhere near there?
  2. EV Daily Rental - Bristol area

    General EV Discussion
    Looking to rent an EV for a day or two for someone's birthday - anyone done this before or have any suggestions? I'm aware of EVRent but the nearest branch is Devon and the cheapest car that 3FEV have is a Kona for £210 for 3 days.
  3. New Ampera owner Bristol :D

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone. I have been a fan of this forum for quite a while and have learnt a lot from everyone's posts thank you for everything that you have contributed. Finally took the plunge and sold my much loved Mk1 Golf GTI Cabriolet while being haggled down mercilessly (not my best skill) and...
  4. Bristol / Southwest (and rest of UK) - Charge App development

    Charging Locations
    Hi All, I am a founder at a Bristol based startup in the process of creating an app that will help ease charge anxiety and provide a lot of benefits for EV drivers. We need EV owners views to assist with product development and who will also receive the opportunity to trial our solution. We...
  5. Bristol Service Centre opens on Monday

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I had the honour yesterday to be the first customer of the Bristol Service Centre when they replaced my 12v battery. I had a warning about 10 days ago that the battery was on the blink and had arranged to go to a drop-in appointment at WD but Phil Gadsby, the Bristol Service manager, very kindly...